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Smart tips to use for your NEET preparation

NEET or National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test is an All-India Examination conducted every year for admission to various medical and dental colleges. There was a cut-throat competition between 16 lakh aspirants seeking admission in colleges offering 76000 seats in 2020. Notice the grave difference between the number of seats and the aspirants who wish to seek admission. As a result, the whole examination process is quite hectic and stressful for the students preparing for this exam. A minor difference in your rank can cost you a year of hard work and perseverance. So, it is crucial to stay motivated throughout the preparation phase if you wish to give this exam. You will find the smart tips which can easily boost your performance by developing self-confidence to attempt the exam below. These include:

  • Grasp the necessary information related to NEET. If you are serious about cracking this examination, you should be thorough with detailed information regarding this exam. An expansive knowledge will not only help you maintain your cool as the exam approaches, but it will also allow in and out preparation for the exam. Note down the necessary information such as the eligibility criteria, information related to registration and so on. Being briefed about the appropriate information will only make things easier for you. The whole course of preparation will become smooth.  
  • Visualize the Syllabus in your Mind. To give this exam your best shot, you must have comprehensive knowledge about the syllabus. Since the syllabus for NEET is quite vast, it becomes crucial to focus upon the frequently asked topics and those demanding unilateral attention first, and then proceed with other topics gradually. So, practical segregation of topics will become possible if you have in-depth knowledge about the syllabus. Moreover, it will become very convenient to gauge the topics that are conceptual or based on application and those interconnected to one another. Check out the NEET Previous Year Question Paper – Code-F1 2020
  • Schedule your preparation and prioritize accordingly. Since the syllabus is far-flung, it is essential to prepare a schedule and follow it without any doubt. You cannot afford to lose your time in counter-productive activities and being overprotective by focusing on the topics more than necessary. An equilibrium between study, sleep and rejuvenation will keep you motivated when you feel exhausted and disturbed. Prioritize your weaker subjects by devoting more focus and concentration and revise them regularly. It is necessary to set targets for yourself daily or weekly according to your need but, it is essential to use your time wisely and judiciously. Avoid every distraction that hinders your concentration and focus solely on your preparation. Sufficient breaks must be taken at regular intervals so that you continue your preparation with undivided attention and focus. It will prevent mental fatigue and exhaustion and ensure that your mind remains refreshed while studying. It is likely that as the exam approaches, you will start getting nervous and more anxious. Don’t let this exam get to your head and cloud your attention and focus because overthinking about the future will only derogate your overall performance. So, you must practise meditation for at least 10 to 15 mins in a day at your convenience. Meditation will develop self-confidence and improve the span of concentration.  
  • Refer to credible sources for your preparation. You should treat the NCERT textbook as your Bible, especially for Biology and cover the basics in-depth. NEET generally focuses on your understanding of the NCERT textbook. So a precise reading of the topics in the NCERT textbook becomes crucial. Other reference books should be used to cover the important theoretical portions of Chemistry and Physics because NCERT may not provide sufficient explanations of these topics. Moreover, revise using the sample papers and previous year question papers to self evaluate your performance and gauge the amount of focus needed to improve upon the weaker sections. You should form Code words to remember tricky topics easily. Memorizing topics via codes will ensure that they retain for a longer period in your memory. It is important to prepare extensive notes regularly because you will be able to revise the topics from your notes rather than revisiting the chapters from the textbook, as the exam approaches.
  • No shortcuts can replace practise and hard work because your determination and willingness to crack this exam will determine your performance in this examination. The more time you devote to practising and revising concepts, the wider your thought process will develop. You will be in a better position to solve questions if you practise meticulously. In an exam as competitive as NEET, it is crucial to perform better than your competitor. Additional knowledge and practise can help in this direction. So it is suggested that you remain focused and dedicate the necessary hours to study and neglect any shortcuts because they will prove futile. There are no shortcuts to cracking this examination.

So these were the Smart tips that you should adhere to for cracking this regressive examination. NEET is not an easy nut to crack but can be tackled with a combination of hard work, smart work and a strategy that should be developed and personalized according to the needs of the students. Some students prefer studying early in the morning, while some prefer to study late in the night. 

It is up to you to determine the hours wherein you are most focused and when the environment is peaceful. Quiet surroundings will boost your attention span and also promote productivity. It is not a thumb rule that you need to study a specific number of hours every day to crack NEET. 

The number of hours does not matter. What matters is your productivity, how much of the syllabus are you able to cover in-depth, with focus and necessary attention in the time you have devoted for your preparation. Being in a calm state of mind is paramount because panic and nervousness will directly affect your level of focus and diverge your attention. Follow these tips and you will crack the examination for sure. All the very best to the aspirants!!

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