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Why Refer To Sandeep Garg Solutions For Class 12th Macroeconomics

Economics is one of the important subjects in class 12th. Macroeconomics is the part of economics that deals with the behaviour, performance and condition of the economy. It is the integrated concept of economics. It also includes the parts of microeconomics. Macroeconomics focuses on the preparation of budgets, national outputs, unemployment’s, and inflations.

The goal of the macroeconomy is to grow the economy of the country, full employment, and stable prices.

Macroeconomics in itself is a very vast topic. Students of class 12th find difficulty in preparation for macroeconomics. The syllabus of macroeconomics changes frequently in certain periods of time because the economy changes from time to time. The students are not able to prepare for the subject. They are finding books that are fully updated with the syllabus changes. Sandeep Garg Solutions for Class 12 Macroeconomics reduces the difficulties faced by the students. 

Class 12th is an important class for every student. After this class, the students choose their careers for the future. For commerce students, economics is one of the most important subjects. The other subjects are based on economics. 

Students refer to the books for understanding the questions. But many books are not updated fully according to the syllabus. Recently the concept of GST was added to the syllabus of commerce. But many books don’t cover these topics. The Sandeep Garg book introductory to macroeconomics for class 12th helps the students to understand the concepts related to each topic.


Part A: Introductory Macroeconomics

Unit 1: National Income and Related 

Unit 2: Money and Banking

Unit 3: Determination of Income and Employment

Unit 4: Government Budget and the Economy

Unit 5: Balance of Payments

Part B: Indian Economic Development

 Unit 6: Development-Experience in (1947-90) and Economic-Reforms since the year 1991:

  • Economic Reforms since 1991

Unit 7: Current challenges facing the Indian Economy:

Poverty, Human Capital Formation, Rural-development, Employment, Infrastructure, Sustainable- Economic, Development.

Unit 8: Development Experience of India

Part C: Project in Economics


  • Sandeep Garg solution book for macroeconomics covers all the types of questions that are useful in preparation. It starts from the basics level questions that make the concepts clear. 
  • The SANDEEP GARG book of macroeconomics strictly follows the guidelines of the CBSE syllabus and it covers all the topics covered in the syllabus. Most of the other books do not strictly follow the guidelines of the CBSE, which makes the students confused in remembering the topics easily.
  • The Sandeep Garg solution book covers all the topics that are relevant to all the topics that are important to the exams perspective. The topics covered in the books are elaborated. The topics in this book are found very helpful while preparing for the board exams. In this book the introduction part is very helpful for the students to get the brief idea about the chapters. 
  • All the content that is in the book is in easy language and that makes the students understand the topics easily. The easy language makes the concepts easier to remember easily.
  • In Sandeep Garg’s book of macroeconomics the examples are given after every topic. The examples given in the books are very relevant to the content of the topics.  The examples of every topic help in building the concepts, and thinking ability for enhancing the learning.
  • In comparison to other books the Sandeep Garg solution books are more preferred for the preparation of macroeconomics.
  • Students while preparing for the board exams want the books that are having more number of questions for preparation, in this book there are n_number of questions that will have the students to prepare for the examination. 
  • Sandeep garg’s solution book of macroeconomics also contains the high order thinking questions, which are very useful in the preparation of competitive exams and board exams.
  • It acts as the catalyst for the preparation of examinations. This book helps the student to prepare on daily basis for the examination
  • Many times the questions which are in the Sandeep Garg books are very likely to appear in the examinations.
  • It helps the students to make a quick revision of the questions for the preparation of examinations. As economics is a vast subject, it is very difficult for the students to make a quick revision of all the topics. The Sandeep Garg book of economics helps the student to make a quick revision of the topics in the form of questions.
  • The solution book of macroeconomics helps the students to get the content of preparation for the exam. It prepares the students for how to write the answers in the examination and what are the important points to be remembered while writing the answers. Taking the reference from this book helps in improving my writing skills. It prepares the students for remembering the content that is useful for the exams. 
  • Learning the topics in the form of question answers is easier than in the form of sentences. This book, it covers almost every topic in the form of questions which are very useful for preparing for examinations.
  • This book contains clear solutions in the precise answer form, for the long answers questions. Which makes it easy for the aspirants to prepare for how to deal with the questions of long answer type.
  • Sandeep-Garg solution book covers each and every topic and focuses more on the topics which are important and scoring in CBSE board examinations. It contains many questions for the preparation of the chapter which have a high weightage in the examination.
  • These books prepare the students to solve the questions easily, and how to score easily in the exams. This book also contains the questions with solutions that are asked previously in the exams, this boosts the preparation and helps in scoring good in the exams. The solution book contained the formulas, short notes which made it easier for the student to understand the subject.

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