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The Best Solutions for Iranians Abroad: VPNs and SMS Forwarding

This article explores the best VPNs for obtaining an Iranian IP address and reliable SMS forwarding applications to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

Living outside Iran can be challenging for Iranians who need access to domestic services like banking, streaming, and government websites. Accessing these services requires an Iranian IP address and the ability to receive SMS messages from Iranian operators. This article explores the best VPNs for obtaining an Iranian IP address and reliable SMS forwarding applications to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

Accessing Iranian Services Abroad

Many Iranian websites and services are inaccessible from foreign IP addresses due to domestic policies. This limitation affects various needs, such as:

Banking Services

Accessing bank accounts and performing transactions can be particularly challenging. Banks such as Mellat, Saderat, Sepah, Ayandeh, Refah, Parsian, and Pasargad restrict access to users with non-Iranian IP addresses. This can impede financial management, bill payments, and other critical banking activities.

Government Websites

Government services such as SEJAM, Sana, and Adliran are also inaccessible from abroad without an Iranian IP address.

  • SEJAM: This Comprehensive Customer Information System, launched by the Central Securities Depository of Iran (CSDI), enhances services in the capital market. By registering in SEJAM, individuals can access various financial services without needing to re-verify their identity with different financial institutions.
  • Sana: An online platform for serving legal notifications through the Electronic Notification System of the Judiciary.
  • Adliran: An official electronic services portal under the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran, providing services like submitting legal requests and receiving notifications electronically.

Streaming Services

Watching Persian movies on platforms like Namava and Filimo is also restricted for users without an Iranian IP address.

The solution is to use a best VPN for Iran with Iranian servers to obtain an Iranian IP address and ensure secure, high-speed connections.

Best VPNs for Users Abroad

1. Surftunnels VPN

Advantages: High speed, security, and suitability for any platform.

Features: Encrypted data, 24/7 support, various packages, dedicated IPs, and a money-back guarantee.

2. Omid Technologies

Advantages: Access to banking and non-banking services, suitable for online classes.

Features: High capacity, high speed, and allows two users simultaneously.

3. Iran IP VPN

Advantages: Dedicated IPs, identity verification, and data security.

Features: Specific benefits for accessing Iranian sites and applications, with a money-back guarantee.

4. MultiVPN

Advantages: Regular and premium subscriptions.

Features: No expiration date for premium users, can be used on two devices simultaneously.

5. TaxiNet VPN

Advantages: Unlimited data and download capability.

Features: Speed, security, and ease of use on various devices, suitable for educational and banking services.

Comparison of VPN Service

best vpn for iran

Frequently Asked Questions About VPNs

Do VPNs Affect Internet Speed?

While using a VPN, there might be a slight reduction in speed due to the encryption process and the quality of the connection within Iran. However, reputable VPN services strive to minimize this impact.

How Can We Ensure Our Information Remains Secure?

Choose VPN providers that use reputable global applications available on app stores, ensuring your data remains safe.

Receiving SMS Messages Abroad

Receiving SMS messages abroad is crucial for accessing two-step verification codes for services like banking and email. However, Iranian SIM cards do not work outside Iran, making it difficult to receive these messages.

Best Applications for SMS Forwarding


Features: Auto-forward SMS to email, PC, or another phone.

Advantages: Seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle, customizable rules, and concurrent reception on a user panel.

Auto Forward SMS to PC/Phone

Features: Forward SMS to email or another phone number, manage forwarded messages with filters.

Advantages: Highly rated on Google Play, over one million downloads, and simple to use.

SMS Forwarder

Features: Forward SMS to email, URL, phone number, or Telegram.

Advantages: Keyword filtering for specific SMS management, easy to use.

Lanren SMS Forwarder

Features: Forward SMS and MMS to email, backup messages, and customization options.

Advantages: User-friendly, available on Google Play with over 100,000 installations.

Frequently Asked Questions About SMS Forwarding

How Can I Receive SMS Abroad with Hamrah-e-Aval?

Directly receiving SMS abroad is not possible with Iranian SIM cards. Instead, use SMS forwarding applications.

What Is the Function of SMS Forwarding Applications?

These apps are installed on a phone with an Iranian SIM card, forwarding received SMS to an email or another destination.

Why Is Email the Best Destination for SMS Forwarding?

Email is secure and avoids significant costs associated with roaming charges.

Are the Introduced Applications Reliable?

Yes, all recommended applications are available on Google Play, which ensures their reliability and security.


For Iranians living abroad, accessing domestic services and receiving SMS messages can be challenging. Using the right VPN and SMS forwarding applications can overcome these obstacles, providing secure and reliable access to essential services. By evaluating the benefits of different VPNs and SMS forwarding apps, you can choose the best options to stay connected with Iran from anywhere in the world.

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