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The ten most misunderstood facts about team chat

Team messaging is a secure and professional way of communicating with your colleagues where you can easily connect for business gatherings. Many people think of team chat software as a business communication tool, but it is much more. Team chat apps are an applicable invention that allows you to communicate with people from various departments, countries, and even continents. 

Team messaging apps allow you to organize your communication with anyone and everyone. Some conversations require the participation of the whole organization, while others are only intended for a specific team or individual. Tools like Clariti enable this customization and easy-to-flow conversation. This means that team members can choose whether or not to join groups based on their priorities. Team chats allow you to tag people and request their contributions in specific areas. 

What should you know about team messaging apps? 

While more and more businesses have been using instant messaging apps for some time, many misconceptions still exist. As a result, there have been numerous news stories about hacks and problems with team chat apps. Business team messaging apps differ greatly from consumer messaging apps in terms of usage, functionalities, security, compliance standards, and overall quality. Researchers discovered many advantages of instant messaging for businesses in the early 2000s. Even after 20 years, there are still many misconceptions that prevent organizations and their workforce from adopting instant messaging for business. Let us look at the ten most common misconceptions today and what you need to know about them. 

  1. Sharing images or emojis creates a distraction 

Well, chat is different, of course. This is for work. However, if your workplace requires you to check your personality at the door, it may be time to consider whether it is a worthwhile place to work. Sharing photos from weekends or vacations with one another and sending emojis is a great way for coworkers to become closer. Open a different group chat for the fun stuff if your team prefers to keep your chat strictly business-related. Keep the door open for others to join as well. You might be surprised to find out who else at work enjoys exchanging cocktail recipes and cat memes.  

  1. Instant messaging apps are always distracting and inefficient 

Yes, if you use a chat app that your employees use to communicate with family and friends, it may be distracting. Keep in mind, the secure team messaging app is intended to provide quick, real-time communication in the workplace, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity. Used prudently, following company policies for appropriate use of such tools, these tools are extremely useful. 

Instant messaging software can be used by your team for video calling, screen sharing, group chats, project management, and simple text messaging. These collaboration tools will assist your team in getting the most out of each other. 

In a Software Advice study of nearly 150 employees using team messaging apps at work, 66% found it easier to resolve minor issues. 70% agreed that using instant messaging instead of phone calls or emails saved them time, and 21% saw a moderate to a significant increase in productivity”

  1. Creates silos with different communication tools  

Team messaging apps may create silos of information when used with other communication tools such as calls, video conferencing, shared documents and emails . It is important to select a tool that allows you to communicate with all forms of communication from a single app. This reduces information silos. 

Clariti is unique in that you can email, chat, share documents, make online calls, and do screen sharing from the same app.  Clariti supports rich subject-chats where besides chatting, all other forms of related communication can be embedded in the same chat, thus maintaining context. 

  1. Management has no control  

Businesses must offer different ways to access, receive, and manage notifications of the messages sent between their employees. These options include how, when, and where your notifications appear, custom channel and chat settings, appearance and sound settings, turning off specific messages, and so on. 

You can expect all of this information from a secure team messaging app, as well as the ability to remove people from specific chats, create personal conversations, notify when you are available, and many other features. 

  1. Secure team chat apps have no advantages over Slack or Microsoft Teams 

Team messaging apps offer many more features than any team collaboration software can ever provide. Managers and IT leaders, as mentioned above, have a dedicated dashboard with key analytics, but they also have access to a number of other fantastic features. Self-destructing messages, message blasts to your entire organization, message delivery tracking, and biometric authentication are just a few examples. 

  1. Instant messaging apps are a high-level security risk 

Any business’s top priority is security and privacy. It is also why businesses do not invest in instant messaging apps. When it comes to Slack, for example, privacy policies are ambiguous, and security breaches are a constant concern. Clariti is a team collaboration software that has strict security measures in place, and your privacy is not a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder. These team chat apps are created so that your organization can share and store sensitive data in a secure and, more importantly, compliant IT environment. 

  1. Team messaging apps can be expensive  

Many people believe that implementing instant messaging programs in the workplace will not provide a return on investment, but they are mistaken. Businesses benefit from team messaging apps in terms of team calls/chats, file sharing, incident reports, data sharing, and productivity.  

By implementing the appropriate instant messaging app in your workplace, you are investing in a complete transformation of your workplace culture, which is driven by employee productivity. Using team collaboration software, such as Clariti, allows you to enjoy your team messaging completely for free. 

  1. Instant messaging apps are difficult to manage 

Many people believe that team messaging apps are difficult to manage as there can be any number of conversations happening at any time. Team collaboration apps, such as Clariti, assist you in maintaining a professional work-chat environment. This security-focused app will improve your day-to-day business tasks.  

  1. Email is better than instant messaging  

One of the most serious threats to any business is resistance to change. The change will be required for any business to continue to exist as generation Z and millennials before they enter the workforce. Email can no longer handle all of the requirements of a modern workplace as information exchange speeds up ‘real-time’ communication. Video conferencing, voice chat, audio calls, and group chat are supported by the best instant messaging apps. All of this expands business communication options. Instant messaging apps are essential for businesses and should be used in conjunction with email. 

  1. Instant messaging can be intrusive 

Instant messaging does not need to be intrusive, and you can achieve the desired work-life balance with the right internal communication strategy. Interactions between team members can be scheduled by your company. Core hours can be scheduled for video conferencing. Voice and video messages can be left at convenient times. The team chat app’s file-sharing feature allows teams to share their work at any time. 

Bottom Line 

Team messaging apps are more than just future technologies. They help to increase productivity, facilitate collaboration, accelerate business process execution, provide a high level of security, reap guaranteed ROI, and add value to short and long-term business operations. 

Team messaging apps are an essential part of a wide range of workplaces. If you are not sure about which is the best team chat app to use, then try Clariti. With just a simple sign-up, you can easily gain access to this free tool. There is a content-rich subject chat feature in Clariti that makes team communication easier than with other team chat apps. 

These subject chats provide all the information you need to understand the topic at hand without having to search for context. With Clariti, you’ll save time by reducing the number of emails you send and be more productive at work. Are you ready to reap the benefits of Clariti? 

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Uneeb Khan
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