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The Ultimate Guide to Rocking Pearl Jewelry in 2024

Once upon a time, Coco Chanel said, “Pearl is always right.” It seems that the message still resonates today.

For eons, pearls have been associated with femininity, sophistication, and grace – the epitome of power dressing or subtle statement-making in jewelry.

For 2024, designers are taking classic pearl charm to another level entirely: if it’s been on the New York, Paris, London, and Milan catwalks this year, they’ll make your eyes pop out. 

This season is all about empowered pieces and head-turning statement jewels.

So expect everything from delicate strands for lovers of fine craftsmanship to seriously chunky stuff for fashion enthusiasts who want some unabashed bling. 

Ready to break with tried-and-tested ideas around styling? Read on to find out the most common pearl trends in the upcoming season!

Are Pearls Making a Comeback?

Rocking Pearl Jewelry

The fashion world is ever-evolving, and in 2024, pearls are making a remarkable comeback.

No longer preppy – they can now be cool or even edgy – these classic gems have shown up on catwalks all over the world: at Givenchy, artistic director Matthew M. Williams showcased a collection adorned with huge pearls that were shaped just so.

But today’s pearl revival goes further, with designers incorporating them into accessories once seen as unconventional. 

In their modern form, which embraces everything from safety pin earrings to contemporary hoops and daring designs, pearls no longer include an if/when/how-to-wear-them clause.

Rocking Pearl Jewelry

“Casual” is one look that might not immediately spring to mind when you hear the word “pearls,” but it should. 

This season’s anything-goes approach means there are few taboos on how best to wear them – maybe casually draped with jeans and a T-shirt?

Or perhaps used by way of contrast as part of the perfect little black dress?

Pearls also offer versatility in terms of styling options – such as layering pearl necklaces alongside gold chains (as recommended by designers) for simplicity’s sake: less is more. 

Above all else, though, what this season’s rebirth signifies isn’t simply fashion choosing another “old” thing to make new again.

Rather, it shows how completely reevaluated their prism has become where what constitutes trend-worthy style during times of boundary-pushing.

Rocking Pearl Jewelry

Prepare to envelop yourself in elegance and refinement – pearls.

The fashion universe quivers with anticipation as we plunge into the standout pearl trends from the runways. 

Designers around the globe have revitalized this ageless gemstone and seamlessly fused it with contemporary accents. Let’s explore:

Power Pearls and Statement Necklaces

Rocking Pearl Jewelry

In a world where fashion trends come and go, there’s one look that consistently packs a powerful punch: statement necklaces.

This trend takes the classic elegance of pearls and amplifies it to create a style that exudes power, confidence, and sophistication.

Kimhekim and Sixdo presented larger-than-life pearls adorning statement necklaces on their runways this season.

These oversized gems offer a striking contrast against the décolletage, which is sure to make anyone take note.

Swapping out delicate studs for big pearl drops or dramatic jacket pearl earrings was the move at Versace.

This avant-garde execution repositions what pearls represent – incredibly diverse looks in so many forms rather than something strictly pretty.

Rocking Pearl Jewelry

Given how cyclical fashion can be, it’s no surprise we’re seeing 80s-90s elements return with a vengeance.

Power Pearls hark back to an era when being bold and over-the-top was celebrated; think about all those confident Dynasty divas dripping in jewels back then. That’s exactly why this trend has resurfaced now.

Suppose you’re considering buying a statement necklace (and if not now for, then when?), consider White Victoria’s 4.5-9mm White Freshwater Pearl Mermaid’s Tears Pendant in 18K Gold or Belle De Mer’s Cultured Freshwater Pearl (9-1/2mm) Collar 18” Necklace.

Both have the right size of gemstones/appeal factor for the upcoming season!

Pearls in Clothing

Rocking Pearl Jewelry

Pearls, the embodiment of grace and undying loveliness, are now a staple in fashion.

Designers from around the world are incorporating pearls into their collections to inject everyday clothing with that extra touch of class.

Take Versace as one example – a brand known for its bold, audacious designs.

Its most recent offerings have seen denim jackets adorned with pearls and crystals: this unlikely combination emphasizes the difference between casual denim and pearls’ air of luxury – be it for men or women.

Another label that has cottoned on to the pearl trend is Erdem – famous for its romantic femininity.

Their delicate, floaty dresses come embedded with pearls: something about this treatment adds a gentle shimmer to flowing fabrics, upping their elegance factor overall; pairing them with delicate fabrics and intricate details enhances their inherent charm yet further.

Rocking Pearl Jewelry

Sportmax’s take on how to include pearls in clothes is more modernist: they experiment by adding unexpected textures and shapes.

This avant-garde approach often involves unusual cuts being made and then embellished at carefully chosen spots using cleverly placed pearls. 

The result? A sophisticated look but also one that confounds expectations – proof positive that there’s no need to leave your individuality behind if you choose to incorporate these much-loved gems into modern-day wardrobes.

The Brooch Revival

Rocking Pearl Jewelry

The revival of brooches is one of 2024’s most statement trends, promising to deliver a little vintage glamour and sophistication.

 Brooches have a long history, dating back centuries in ancient Roman jewelry – they became popular during the Victorian era when they were worn on clothing, hats, or gloves as decorative items – and once again started to signify social class or personal expression in the 20th century.

So why are brooches having another moment?

One reason might be that fashion lovers are looking for more unique ways to express themselves during an age dominated by mass production.

Rocking Pearl Jewelry

There’s something nostalgic and crafty about a good brooch that you can’t buy into with fast fashion.

Then here’s the fact that any outfit can instantly feel important if you add a piece of significant-looking jewelry to it.

Whether pinned onto your winter coat lapel or resting on top of your blouse collar (it works best if visible), this accessory is charged with elegance. 

It’s also an opportunity to show some personality: do you like them big and floral? Abstract? Or full of very intricate design?

One standout example from this season’s catwalks is Gucci’s double G logo, which features strands of pearls going across the body and over one shoulder. 

This little masterpiece manages to combine classic elegance with contemporary cool – note how, by incorporating pearls into its design, it feels super modern while simultaneously quite timeless.

Chunky Earrings

Rocking Pearl Jewelry

The chunky earrings trend has shaken up the fashion world, and it’s easy to see why.

These bold statement pieces are back with a vengeance, bringing drama and dazzle to any outfit.

It’s not hard to understand why chunky earrings have become so popular.

Firstly, they allow you to make an effortless style statement. 

Whether you’re in a simple black dress or jeans and a tee, whack on some big bruisers, and your look is instantly elevated – bigger is better when it comes to ear candy.

They attract attention – and demand admiration.

Another reason for their rise? The fashion cycles mean that all those massive accessories from the Eighties and Nineties that we consigned as seriously naff appear cool again.

Rocking Pearl Jewelry

A fine example was Givenchy’s collection presented by creative director Matthew M Williams, where large pearls were contoured perfectly into oversized drop earrings – luxury meets drama for maximum impact.

Want in? Then consider White Victoria’s 13mm-14mm white South Sea round pearl & sapphire Victoria drop earrings in 18ct gold.

They are the perfect addition for special occasions or just adding glamour to everyday looks.

Or opt for Sophie Buhai Women’s White Everyday sterling silver and crystal pearl drop earrings crafted from sterling silver with dainty crystal pearl pendants – these will be your go-to pair.

Classic Pearls

Making a comeback in 2024, the Classic Pearls trend is back.

After a few seasons of unconventional pearl designs and baroque beads, this year’s styles are mostly more traditional – and some of fashion’s biggest names are already embracing it.

Both Dior and Versace featured pearl-set jewelry on their 2024 runways.

Artistic directors Maria Grazia Chiuri at Dior and Donatella Versace highlighted how pearls can elevate any silhouette by featuring necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or even hair accessories adorned with gleaming pearls.

Classic pearls have always been something of a fashion mainstay owing to the timeless charm they exude. 

They’re renowned for symbolizing femininity, purity, and grace – no mean feat for a gemstone that’s little more than nacre (therefore not technically classified as precious). 

In other words, if you want to add instant elegance to an outfit, pearls should be your go-to.

And what could be simpler? Classic Pearls will effortlessly take you from day to night. Is that white shirt in need of jazzing up? Or that gown crying out for adornment? 

Just try adding these versatile White Victoria 10-11mm White South Sea Round Pearl Stud Earrings in 18K Gold. The fact is – they transcend trends.

The same goes for all types of pearl jewelry, whether rings or necklaces such as this White Victoria 7-7.5mm White Akoya Pearl Necklace – AAAAA Quality which is so much more than just another piece of jewelry;

think of it as an investment in excellence (and one that works just as well with jeans and a T-shirt as with eveningwear).

Bottom Line

Rocking Pearl Jewelry

Make your presence known with confidence, and let pearl jewelry assert itself as your definitive style statement in 2024. 

Rediscover the timeless charm of pearls, reinvented by contemporary designers who have taken their cue from Coco Chanel’s famous maxim.

From delicate strands to daringly unconventional designs, there’s a piece of pearl jewelry for every fashionista – browse New York-to-Milan runway trends and give your style an empowering lift with these bewitching accessories.

Forget the rulebook – unleash your authority and wear it on your terms like never before.

Let your true self shine through. Here is what you need to know about making a high-impact fashion statement using these entrancing sea-born gems.

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