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The ultimate online slot payout

Slot games will all offer different payouts depending on what one you choose to play. The prize range will vary, and you will see anything from large to small wins. Remember that the more you bet, the higher the payout will be on games like the Thunderstruck slot game.

If you are looking to find what slot game offers the best payout we will go over some of the top pay rates in this quick article.

Understanding the RTP (Return to Player)

When looking to find the highest payout for slot games it is important to know the RTP (Return to Player) percentage that you are playing with. Most slot games have an RTP of around 96% and this means the players will see $96 of $100 dollars that went into that machine returned. In terms of online slots, you will normally find the RTP in the game description so be sure to check that out before playing.

List of the best payouts for slot games

  1.       Goblin Cave – 99.3%
  2.       Mega Joker – 98.90%
  3.       Jokers Strike  –  98.11%
  4.       Hot Ink – 98.00%
  5.       Jokerizer – 98.00%
  6.       Fortunes of Sparta – 97.04%
  7.       Wild Spartans  – 96.43%

This list contains the games with the highest RTP there is. At 99.3% Goblin cave is an amazing slot game to play and you are sure to see some return for your money on it. However, all these games have great RTP and if you are looking to generate some wins you should give them a go.

About Goblin Cave

As Goblin Cave is the game with the best payouts, you are probably curious to find out a little more about the game. The game has a classic slot theme, and you play through the 3 reels and 3-row multiple spin slots. Once you have chosen how much to wager on your bets, the reels will spin. After this, you decide on what of the reels you want to keep.

Furthermore, there is a red diamond symbol which is a wild symbol that works like any other symbol and is the highest payout. Also, a bonus round can be activated by obtaining three lantern symbols where you can choose a chest and collect a cash reward inside. Finally, the game comes with a max bet feature which allows you to bet all five coins at once.

Why play the best payout slot games?

When it comes to slot games you want to win as much as possible. Because of this, playing the games with the highest RTP and payout just makes the most sense. B y doing this, you are looking to make the most earnings out of your time and will probably have a more enjoyable experience in the long run. Be sure to check out some of the great titles above and we hope you have an excellent time when playing!

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