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The unique essentialities of no iron clothing labels

The no iron clothing labels are the special kind of labels that are the best stick-on clothing. They are effectively used because of their many benefits. These no iron clothing labels are easy to install, are environment friendly, do not fade, do not fall off, do not wrinkle after washing, can be made into any desired customizable label, are not expensive, and can be used on the other surfaces too.

More information about no iron clothing labels

The no iron clothing labels as the name suggests do not need ironing to be stuck they are self-adhesive stick-on clothing tags. These high-tack labels are permanent stick-on name labels for clothes. They are different from iron-on clothing labels that are found in the market. The iron-on labels as the name signifies are a kind of clothing label that has to be heated at high temperatures before they are applied to the clothes surface.

In no iron clothing labels, there is nil requirement of any hot stamping. They are superior labels with optimal adhesive ability that can be vitally used on the back of the vinyl with no need for heating. These labels can be directly attached to the tag surface of clothing. They are very easy to be operated and will not damage clothes or any other surface wherein they are stuck.

The other irresistible feature of no iron clothing labels is that they are highly washable and waterproof since these labels are made from the strongest permanent adhesives. In addition, these labels are not only environmentally friendly but also can be washed several times with washing machines and dryers which is unbelievably over forty times without falling off.  

The most significant characteristic of no iron clothing labels is that they are customized. The shapes and patterns can be freely selected by an interested customer depending on the place as well as the purpose of his or her use. These include round labels, rectangular labels, triangle labels, oval labels, or any other special patterns or shapes of labels desired by online customers from any part of the globe. Moreover, these quality clothing labels are not only limited to tag labels of school clothes but also nursing home clothes, besides customized bottles.

How to quickly and safely acquire no iron clothing labels online

The no iron clothing labels can be securely, effortlessly, and instantly procured online through a single click on https://www.greatk2.com/ anywhere, anytime. These efficacious labels are made from materials that are non-toxic, totally harmless, and will not pollute the water quality and the environment.

It is quite important to be noted by an interested online buyer of no iron clothing labels that these competitive labels are highly certified. These labels have been successfully passed by SGS Rohs, EU’s Reach, Kids CPC, Pro65/Ca65, and other third-party certification institutions. These certifications authentically certify the harmless characteristics and environmental protection abilities of these products.

The no iron clothing labels with a vinyl thickness of 60 micrometers and 2PE paper liner have an amazing shelf life of two years and storage temperature of 15-22 deg C.

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