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Monitor Whatsapp Chats Online With TheOneSpy Whatsapp Spy App

The Whatsapp messenger is one of the widely used communication platforms around the globe. It has a user base of around 2.8 billion, which is massive, the key features of the Whatsapp messenger are as follows.

The key features of Whatsapp

Chat communication

The most vital feature of Whatsapp messenger chats communication. It allows its user to communicate around through chats. The chats can be used to communicate and everything.

Whatsapp allows the users to chat in groups and in private chats as well. This ensures the secrecy and confidentiality of the communication.

But there is another side to the story as well. It is observed that that chat function is misused and abused by some criminals to harass and push and press the kids into revealing the confidential information of their parents.

The story starts when kids initiate getting into a number of unverified and unidentified groups to communicate with friends and family. The kids start getting messages from the criminals who look to get into close networks and circles of the kids.

Initially, the criminals behave well and pretend as friends with the kids, but as time passes by, they start exposing themselves and reveal their true picture.

A number of kids reported the same pattern, they told in an investigation that cybercriminals behave initially as their friends, after winning their trust, they look out to malign and exploit the kids.

The primary goal behind conducting all this exercise is to identify and get the financial credentials of the parents of the kids by harassing and bullying them. The criminals use the financial details to gain monetary benefits.

So, the ultimate responsibility of protecting the kids from such threats is with the parents, to extensively ensure the child’s safety from such threats in the digital world.

Additionally, there is another pattern that is observed recently. A number of kids who don’t get much attention from their parents find the criminals as their true friends, they get close to them and as a result of this, it paves the way for physical exploitation and rape attempts on the kids, which all started from Whatsapp chats.

A number of kids getting into connection with the criminals also found involved in criminal activities like gambling and robbing at the roadside. The kids that become part of such activities are those who believe themselves as less privileged, who have financial issues in one way or the other.

VoIP and video calls

The VoIP and video calls feature is also a key feature of the messenger. It allows making VoIP and video calls to its users.

The feature is excessively used by all Whatsapp users, especially by cybercriminals.

A number of cybercriminals are found to contact the kids through these VoIP and video calls. These calls are actually made to harass and press the child. The calls are also made for the execution of criminal activities if the child willfully becomes part of a criminal group.

They communicate and plan through these calls, and accomplish their illegitimate plans. For coping with this kind of issue, the parents’ ultimate responsibility is to ensure the child’s safety by all means.

Solution of the problem

Whatsapp needs to be extensively monitored in order to ensure the protection and safety of the kids. The ultimate and best solution in this aspect is TheOneSpy. The


 spy app can be installed on android and iPhones without any hassle. The Whatsapp spy app does all the spying without posing any hint to the target user.

Chats spying through TheOneSpy

All the chats can be monitored for even a bit of communication taking place through Whatsapp. The Whatsapp spy app allows remote viewing and monitoring of all the chats. This ensures the ultimate safety and protection of the child.

If the parent gets to find any sort of suspicious activity, the parent can block a certain user to communicate with the child further.

The Whatsapp spy app also monitors all the VoIP and video calls made or received through the messenger.


The best Whatsapp spy app is TheOneSpy. It monitors and tracks all the chats, multimedia, voice notes, and VoIP and video calls.

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