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Tigerboard: Log in and Registration Process in 2022

Are you looking online community platform? Then you must try the “Tigerboard.” Tigerboard is the largest online community for Missouri Tiger fans in the United States. Here we mentioned the login and registration process for creating a valid account on Tigerboard. But before going into the discussion, you have known about this.

What is Tigerboard?

Tigerboard” is a huge online community designed by “Nick Witthaus” for Missouri Tiger fans. Tigerboard has consistently grown since then; it began in 1996. As we mentioned before that Tigerboard.com is owned and operated by Nick Witthaus (MU class of ’92).

How many categories does it have?

Tigerboard has several categories; some are mentioned here:

  • Basketball Board
  • Football Board
  • All Sports Board
  • The Shack Board
  • Poker Board
  • Politics Board
  • Wall Street Board.

Contact info

If you are looking for contact info related to this, the easiest way to contact Tigerboard is to email Nick at [email protected].

mailing address is:


c/o Nick Witthaus

1520 Sylvan Ln. #5

Columbia, MO 65202

You can also reach Nick by phone at 573-200-MIZZ(6499).

Privacy Policy

Tigerboard won’t allow 3rd parties access to your email address or other personal information. They may occasionally send you important notices but don’t expect those too often. We hate spam also.

Disclaimers: Contact info is taken by an official website “http://tigerboard.com/about/.”

How to Register on Tigerboard.com?

We mentioned one of the best and easiest ways to register in this online community. Make sure you follow the procedure mentioned below then you will be able to register without any trouble:

  • Visit an official website, “http://tigerboard.com/.”
  • Click on the “Register” button mentioned in the right upper corner.
  • Then you have to fill out the form that consists of two steps.
  • Enter the “Handle,” “Password,” “Verify Password,” and “Email.”
  • Select the “Desired School Icon.”
  • Then checkmark the “Terms of services” and press the “Register” button.
How to Register on Tigerboard.com?

Now you have almost done it and need to visit, an activation link will be sent to you via email after submitting this form. Await approval of your registration by one of the moderators. Once all steps are completed, then you can go ahead to log in.

How to Sign in on Tigerboard?

Log in to the process is an easy task. If you have an active Tigerboard account, you can easily log in. Further, the procedure is mentioned below:

  • Visit an official website, “http://tigerboard.com/.”
  • Click on the “Sign in” button mentioned in the right upper corner.
  • Please enter the valid “Handle” and “Password.”
  • Then click on the “Sign in” button.
How to Sign in on Tigerboard?

Now you have done it and successfully logged in to Tigerboard online community. You can also checkmark it as “Sign in Automatically Each Visit.”

Password Retrieval

Due to some users abusing this system, it has been removed. If you need your password reset, please email Nick at [email protected]. Be sure to include your handle in the email.

Final Words

Are you looking for an online gaming community, then “Tigerboard” is the best option for you in the United States. Here we mentioned the complete procedure of logging in and registering on this platform. I hope you will understand.

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