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The Perfect Knife For All Meat Lovers

Inquire of any cook, tuna or anything else about the most vital instrument in their arsenal. Alongside alcohol and caffeine, most of these will state that their beloved knife is also a must culinary staple. The knife used to cut the crucial (and pricey) foods – meat and fish — is probably the most significant. Once it pertains to delicate foods like strip loin and tunas. Utilising a professionally sharp knife like a sujihiki knife is a must if you want to avoid squandering the most expensive meals in your home. Day after day, allowing valuable fish tissue on the shell of the trout you’re fileting starts to add up!

Every meat or fish lover should consider to buy a sujihiki knife without any hesitation!

A Sujihiki knife is a boneless protein-slicing Japanese knife in the Western tradition. It’s a thin, narrow double-bevel cutting (or slicing) knife with a slight slope that allows them to slash through meat and fish with the least amount of disruption necessary. This cutlery has a unique design that will enable them to chop paper-thin pieces of food in a pen stroke. Some cooks consider the Sujihiki knife to be a Westernised version of the Yanagiba, a Traditional Japanese knife.

What exactly is a Sujihiki Knife?

Sujihiki directly means ‘flesh slicer’ in Japanese, and it is a relatively straightforward representation of why this cutlery is used in the cuisine.

It is narrow, slender, and double-bevelled, making it excellent for slashing and slicing boneless products such as raw meats, barbecues, salmon, chicken, and a variety of other cuts of meat.

The feature is made possible by the blade’s expanded length. Only with a long knife you can slash into frameless meats in a stroke. This suggests you won’t have to use the time-consuming and inefficient recurring slicing action used to saw meats. The Sujihiki, however, unlike Bunka and Deba knives, is not a big knife.

It has a restricted range due to its low height, preventing the edge from sticking to the steaks you’re slicing. Along with its form, the sujihiki makes it easier to cut beautiful brisket pieces. It can also be found in other smooth- cutting jobs, such as Carpaccio.

Once you choose to buy a sujihiki knife, it can be used to chop smoked salmon, scallions, and other delights in conjunction with pork.

What are the advantages?

Sujihiki is a cutting and chopping knife made of flexible flesh or seafood. This is a two-edged cutter with a long, scalpel blade that cuts through meat in one move.

The suji will serve if a splitter might not be a part of your silverware collection.

What is the Sujihiki knife’s average spine width?

When chopping or slashing flesh, the broad Sujihiki blades won’t offer you as much stretch as the thin ones (however, flex differs according to the metal grade used), which is precisely what you need. Sujihiki spines are most commonly 2.0mm wide, but spine width can range between 1.95mm and 3.0mm.

What is the Sujihiki knife’s blade profile?

Sujihiki knife features thin and lengthy blades, making them ideal for slicing. Its tips are highly sharpened. Their contours resemble those of knife sharpeners.

What is the ideal use for a Sujihiki knife?

Sujihiki knives help cut and slice meats, salmon, and pork ribs, among other things. They can be used to cut uncooked meat, including smoked turkey, steak, leg of lamb, or sirloin.

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