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Types of Replacement Windows in Toronto

Windows are important to the house because they allow ventilation and lighting and increase the home’s curb appeal. There are many types of replacement windows in Toronto market today, and choosing a particular one can be challenging for most homeowners, especially the first-time homeowners.

When buying, consider factors like security, lighting, and ventilation. Other important factors like energy efficiency, ease of operation, and maintenance cost should also apply. Doing a little research on the window types will help you with your purchase. Let’s dive in and see some of the most popular options of replacement windows in the market today. Check this link for more info regarding these styles.

  • Casement Windows

Casement replacement windows in Toronto are standard, and they are preferred because of their ease of operation and maintenance. These windows are hinged on the side, and they crank open like a single or double door.

Casement windows are very energy efficient because of the way they close tightly. These windows are installed in two-story buildings because they can be obstructive on paths. These windows are better when installed in hard-to-reach areas like kitchen sinks. They also provide unobstructed views in rooms.

  • Awning Windows

Awning windows are another popular style, and they are primarily installed in houses along with rainy climates. Awning windows have hinges at the top, and they crank open from the bottom, making an awning shape.

They are available in many window materials like wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl. When buying, get an awning window with double or triple-paned glass. You can also opt for an energy-efficient material to save more on energy.

  • Double-Hung Windows

They are characterized by two operable sashes. You open the window by moving the lower sash moves up, and the upper one moves downwards. Double-hung replacement windows in Toronto are a good choice for rooms like the bedroom, living area, and other spaces. They provide ventilation and lighting to the room.

These windows are also available in various materials like wood and fiberglass, and you can buy them in double and triple glass pans for more energy efficiency. Furthermore, double-hung windows are easy to clean because of the tilt-able sashes.

  • Bay Windows

Bay replacement windows in Toronto are large and require bigger spaces to be installed. These windows have a luxurious look. They have three panes joined that protrude outwards to create a bigger space on the inside of the room. The windows also offer unobstructed views and ventilation, and they are a good choice for energy efficiency.

  • Picture Windows

Picture windows are primarily installed in houses facing the ocean, a garden, or a beautiful forest. These windows are permanently fixed, so they are not a good option for ventilation. However, they provide a lot of light into the house and outside views.

You can install awning or casement windows together with the picture windows for ventilation. Ensure you buy quality glass that cannot easily be broken by adverse weather conditions like hails and strong winds.

  • Slider Windows

If you need window replacement units that are easy to open, even for babies and old people, then you should opt for sliding window units. Slider windows are a good option if you don’t have enough space outside to open the casement and awning windows. They spread by sliding vertically or horizontally into a wall. Slider windows are fit for rooms like sitting areas and bedrooms. They offer excellent ventilation and are easy to operate.

  • Single-Hung Windows

These resemble double-hung windows, but they have a single pane that is movable. The lower sash moves upwards to open the window. Single-hung windows are also a good option if you have a small space and are suitable for ventilation and lighting.

  • Garden Windows

Garden windows resemble bay windows. They protrude outwards and to make space for plants. These windows are made with Low-E glazed glass, which reduces heat during the day and maintains the correct temperatures at night.

Once you have decided on the window type to buy, hire a qualified installer to install them for you. An energy-efficient window wrongly installed does not perform as it should. Ensure the installer you hire is skilled and insured to protect you from losses in case of accidents.

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