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What Is the Latest Carpet Colour Trends?

Carpet colour trends for the winter can be a bit strange. It isn’t as if you are looking at a pile of rugs in the middle of the winter, are you? No, it is not as if you have to dig through a pile of rugs to find the one you want. You have a much larger selection of colours to choose from. In fact, when the weather warms up you will find that you can find more colours in each carpet colour trends article than you will have in your whole lifetime.

This is due to the fact that the carpeting industry has taken time out of this winter season to prepare its stocks for Spring. So, you should start seeing more of the colours and styles that you love in the spring months. If you are not going out of your home until March, you can still enjoy looking at the carpets that you already have. Many retailers are starting to offer great discounts on their Spring/Summer collections.

When thinking about colour, think of the environment that you live in. There is something gorgeous about bold and dark colours. But, if your room is filled with other light coloured furnishings, then maybe you should consider going with a softer shade. Soft pastels and light yellows will make your room feel cosy. Just make sure that whichever colour you choose reflects the ambient that you have in the room. You do not want to go with a colour that completely cancels out all of the other colours in the room.

One of the more popular carpet colour trends for the winter season is of course Winter. Some people like to choose very dark and drab colours for their carpet. But, it is better to use a few different tones in the room so that the room retains a sense of warmth even if the temperature is extremely cold. Most people who buy their carpets in winter also try and obtain high-quality carpets as well. Buying top-quality carpet can ensure that your carpet lasts for many years to come.

If you really want to add a Winter feel to your home, then you might consider choosing your carpet based on the season that has just passed. Hot colours such as reds and oranges will be more prominent in the Autumn/winter months but look much less vibrant in Summer or Spring. You may even find that darker colours such as brown look much better than hot colours in the summer months. Think about your room and how you want it to be decorated and then search for the colour that best suits your home.

The same principles that apply to Winter apply to Spring and Summer too. You can of course always decide on a colour that is more predominant in your room. But, if you are decorating a room where you entertain a lot, then you might want to consider colours that are less likely to be noticed. In a place where there are a lot of people moving around a lot, carpet colours that stand out are likely to get more attention than carpet colours that are more subtle.

When it comes to Summer, there are still many possibilities. Pastels and aqua are always in fashion, and they look great in rooms with bright colours such as blue or yellow. For neutral rooms, more natural colours such as oak and beech may be the way to go. If you wish to create a very ‘homely’ effect in your room, then carpet dyed white would be a good option. Carpet coloured walls may be viewed as extreme, but wallpaper covered in carpet looks absolutely beautiful! If you are considering decorating your wall with carpet, remember that it can easily be washed and is cheap compared to wallpaper.

No matter what type of carpet you choose, carpet trends will continue to change. Hot colours are often out for one season only. For example, a few years ago black and red were the hot items. However, in 2021, things are looking up for aqua and cream. So next time you are shopping for your new carpet, make sure that it is in keeping with current carpet colour trends.

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