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3 Budget Friendly Accent Wall Ideas to Spruce up your Space

Have you thought of transforming your dull wall into a stunning feature wall? If you have and are worried about the budget, don’t stress, there are ways you can spruce up your accent wall without breaking your budget. From adding a pop of colour to choosing a bespoke art piece for your wall, you can be all things creative when it comes to home décor.

Let’s start with wall paint!

If you think your walls are begging for colour, pick up your paintbrush and splatter the paint colour on the wall. Alright, I know it’s not that simple, but if you plan and execute it carefully, you’ll have an accent wall you adore for life. Choose a colour that works well with your other colours in the space. If your existing wall paint is warm, you’ll want to choose a warm wall colour. Be careful even with neutral colours, as they have undertones and temperatures that can make your accent wall look out of place. For best results use Taubmans paint for interior walls. They’re hard-wearing and come in a variety of colours.

If you’re an individual who loves to capture memories into photo frames, the next budget-friendly option for you is to create a photo gallery wall.

Bare walls can be easily transformed into an oasis of memories. I am not kidding, imagine a dull white wall and then imagine it decked with photos of you and your family from your vacation in Europe. Beyond just photos, you can display trinkets and meaningful mementos. Want more? Enhance it with signage that glows in the dark or frame prints. A wall full of pictures of you, your family, friends, and pets can enliven the space and make it cosier. Alternatively, a painting of your favourite city or abstract art that soothes your senses can also be incorporated.

Wall Panels can do all the talking!

Let your wall be an example of a contemporary and stylish design. Whether you choose vertical panels or horizontal panels, your wall will look stunning either way.

Wall panels are comparatively more expensive than the above two options but deliver a wall that’ll last long. Wooden panels painted in the colour of your choice can clad your interior wall and create an accent wall capable of turning heads. Wall panelling creates a rich feature wall that is ideal for interior areas like hallways, bedrooms, living rooms & more.

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