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How many English speakers players have played for Real Madrid?

Play for Real Madrid is a dream come true for any footballer. Being able to defend that shirt that represents so much in the world of sport is the best a football player can aspire to.

Real Madrid is considered the best team in history. Putting on the white shirt and stepping onto the grass of the Santiago Bernabeu is the best. Scoring a goal with that club and being champion must be the closest thing to paradise.

Only the best footballers have the privilege of wearing their shield on their chest and going out on the field of play to defend it.

In addition, playing for Real Madrid will ensure you a good salary, a very spacious house, and a high-end car, among other things that will surely make your life easier on a day-to-day basis.

However, not everything is as simple as it seems. It is that Real Madrid usually builds their squads based on investing a lot of money. This means that soccer players come to the club from different parts of the world, and when they arrive from other parts of the world, not all of them speak Spanish. Therefore, the language, sometimes, is usually an issue to be resolved.

Adaptation and language

Changing teams always represents changes in the life of a professional footballer. Usually, before a transfer, you will have to move to another city. Sometimes that move will mean looking for a new school for your children or a recent activity for the rest of your family, who were already used to the old place.

As mentioned above, coming to Real Madrid makes things easier because the club gives you everything you want.

However, some issues exceed what money can give you. On the one hand, you will have to adapt to a new work group. Yes, they are soccer players, and that is their job. In addition, as in any group, sometimes it is not easy to feel comfortable, which can take a while.

The other issue will be the language. For example, if the player comes from a country where English is spoken, they will need to learn this new language.

The best option will be to attend a Spanish language school Madrid. Each person has a teacher in charge who will provide personalized attention so they can learn everything about this language.

Spanish language school Madrid.

At the Expanish School, students can define their goals when learning this language; their teacher will schedule the classes based on this.

In this way, footballers will also have to spend part of their time studying and perfecting them in daily life. In this case, they will learn a new language, which will benefit them in relating to other people in their new country.

Therefore, by knowing Spanish, they will be able to adapt more quickly to the new group they will have to integrate into. This is not a minor detail.

Foreign players at Real Madrid

Throughout its history, Real Madrid has had a large number of footballers who come from different parts of the world. For example, the top idol of the institution, Alfredo Di Stéfano, is Argentine.

However, Di Stéfano and other Spanish-speaking players have not had any problems adapting to daily life in the city because they already spoke that language.

Many footballers come from countries where other languages​are spoken. David Beckham, Gareth Bale, Steve McManaman, Michael Owen, Antonio Cassano, Carlo Ancelloti, Nuri Sahin, Mateo Kovacic, Wesley Sneijder, and even Cristiano Ronaldo himself. In addition, here we have only mentioned a few.

All of them have perfected their Spanish over time, but it is also true that many have had difficulties with the language in their first months in Madrid.

Sometimes, with good performances on the field of play, they put this issue behind them. However, some players transfer the language problem to the game and cannot perform as expected.

Therefore, studying Spanish will be very important for every Real Madrid footballer.

Spanish experts

Footballers of the stature of David Beckham or Michael Owen found themselves with the difficulty of having to learn a completely different new language. Languages ​​like Portuguese have certain coincidences with Spanish, but English is entirely different. This made soccer players who are stars in the world of sports have to study as simple human beings to be in tune with their peers.

Cristiano Ronaldo has given many press conferences in which he speaks Spanish and is perfectly understood.

The same happens with the Brazilian Marcelo and Roberto Carlos, for example. In addition, the Frenchman Raphael Varane was another one who adapted perfectly.

Currently, who is also surprised by his level of English is the Frenchman Tchouameni. This young footballer is one of the new promises of Real Madrid, and he has studied the language.

Tchouameni gave his welcome speech to the club in Spanish, which caught the attention of those who followed the event through the different media.

All this shows that language is a fundamental factor, especially if you want to perform in a top site such as Real Madrid. Therefore, all this leaves a clear message: you should always be prepared for everything.

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