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4 Essential Facilities at a Sober Living Home

Are you planning to join a sober living home for your drug de-addiction? If yes, then you must have a lot of doubts and questions in your mind. You might be wondering how to choose the best facility for you. There are hundreds of sober living homes available in the country right now. What makes them good is the kind of ambience they provide during your stay there. Here are a few factors that decide how good a sober house is.

Like-minded Peer Group That Supports You

De-addiction is a hard process. It takes a lot of time and effort for anyone to quit their drug addictions and get back into their normal lives. It will be better if they have good company while they are going through this tough journey. Hence it is important that the sober living house provides a good peer support group to its participants. The facility should develop activities that cultivate a sense of brother/sister hood among the participants. This is important because, with a good rapport among them, all the participants can encourage each other towards de-addiction and recovery.

A Safe & Sober Place to Live

The facility must be a serene and safe place to live in. If you are going to make an extended stay in the house then you will require the place to be safe, away from the hurries and temptations of the outside world. It must provide you with a personal space for you to develop your sober living skills.

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes provides just the thing. Their facility is located in the outskirts of Austin, well away from the busy city thus providing an ideal environment for you to practice sobriety.

Pet-Friendly & Luxurious Stay

While you are in the sober house, you must be able to feel at home. Your accommodation must be good and luxurious too. You deserve top class amenities during this period. You don’t have to deprive yourself of the pleasures of fine dining and a relaxed stay. You can ask for them all and if the facility provides for a personalized living experience you can go for it. You can even ask if the house is pet-friendly and bring your pets to visit you. This way you won’t miss out on their company.

Ability to Live with Family Members

Another option when it comes to sober houses is that they must provide outpatients programs too. This is particularly important for people who seek familial support during their recovery. With the outpatient program you can stay at your homes and get to the sober house for personalized recovery programs, employment assistance programs etc.

On Call Assistance from Physicians & Psychologists

As an outpatient you can also ask for urgent care from physicians at the sober homes. They can help you in times of need and stress. They will guide you with their expertise and help you out of this phase safely.These four facilities are an absolute must for any sober living facility. You can choose based on your preferable facilities.

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