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How Modern Decor Can Change Your Life

There are traditional fun decor elements like throw cushions, planters, and book ends, as well as some less fun but just as vital accessories. Window treatments are one of those items! But thankfully, the terrible beige blinds of the 1980s and 1990s have been given a makeover, and you no longer have to adorn your windows with clacking metal blinds or ugly fabric curtains. Window treatments are popular now, and there are a variety of ways to use them to bring flair to your home.

Many people neglect the value of window treatments when creating a room, despite the fact that windows and access to natural light can make or break a space. Depending on your space and the quantity of natural light you receive and like, window coverings can be utilitarian, solely aesthetic, or a mix of the two. The ideas ahead are guaranteed to inspire a better view at home, whether it’s with full and flowing drapes, modern blinds, classic curtains, Roman shades, or relaxing shutters.

Blinds and drapes get a new lease on life with these 19 contemporary window treatments.

1. Embrace Half-and-Half

Do you crave privacy but love light-filled rooms? Blinds that cover half of the window give you the power of both. You won’t have to settle for bare windows to achieve a lovely, sun-filled living space.

2. Install Boho Blinds

Boho will never go out of style, especially when it comes to window treatments, because of its free-spirited beginnings. The earthy, natural textures that are typical in this style of decor make it simple to choose blinds that blend in effortlessly.

3. Drapes to cover windows

Thick curtains like these have a luxury, modern feel to them and can help keep light out while also setting the tone for the entire area. They are significantly bolder than sheer curtains and make a bigger impact than conventional shades.

4. Employ Modern Patterns

Keep the modernist mood going with your curtains, which offer so much more than just privacy. These circle-laden ones are fun and stylish, bringing some sass to a home that isn’t very colored or patterned.

5. Dramatize using Color

People frequently believe that they are confined to the room-altering abilities of paint or the more subtle accents that decorative objects may add to a space. Try replacing your window curtains with something that adds color and a vibrant hue to a room for a happy medium.

6. Match it up!

Blinds complement wood window frames beautifully. If your window trim is a certain color or material, you can really make a statement by matching it with a treatment that seems like it was fashioned just for your windows.

7. Make your midcentury dreams come true

These long blinds’ crisp, rectangular design is exactly what this room required in terms of finishing touches. This window covering doesn’t detract from the lovely pendant lamp, wall art, or chairs rather, it adds to the midcentury ambiance.

8. Opaque with whimsy

While all-white spaces with delicate palettes frequently seem made for gauzy curtains, this space proves that opaque works just as well. Even though they’re thicker and can block out more light, they nevertheless appear light and airy.

9. Incorporate and blend in

A beautiful window treatment can sometimes be defined by its ability to stand out. Other times, such as in this bathroom, the aim is to blend in flawlessly. An all-white tone is a perfect solution for maintaining the peaceful, renewing sensation throughout a location that feels so quiet and pleasant.

10. A jewel-toned hue

A jewel-toned set of drapes will bring extra saturation and drama to any bedroom or dining room. It gives just the proper amount of color to a modern environment that harkens back to the splendor of the roaring twenties. 11. ’70s Tribute

The addition of wooden blinds only enhances a shag ottoman, navy velvet couch, and the trendy color scheme. Overall, the space resembles a groovy Cali surf pad, thanks to the addition of a lovely plant.

12. Double down

Who says you have to limit yourself to just one style of window treatment? If you pair two items together, such as robust blinds and a lovely set of curtains, you’ll have even more alternatives. Everything from the window treatments to the amount of light that comes in may be customized.

13. Black drapes make a bold statement

In principle, privacy curtains and their light-blocking counterparts may seem dull, but as you can see in this space, the matte black alternative gives everything a little more edge. Nothing beats the combination of aesthetics and functionality.

14. Keep going around the corners

An uncomfortable corner should not be perplexing. Instead, follow suit and drape the area in translucent blinds. It allows plenty of natural light in while also making your room feel more coherent.

15. Farmhouse style

Yes, even your window curtains may incorporate farmhouse flair. Choose a pattern that feels old-fashioned yet is still appropriate for sleeping in the twenty-first century.

16. Increase your color palette

Perhaps you want to broaden your color pallet but can’t justify buying a new side table or a throw pillow. Instead, use curtains to give a lovely shade to your area and liven up a monochromatic or two-toned space.

17. Attempt sheer, yet colorful

Do you like the look of curtains but not the feel of them? Choose drapes that are nearly translucent but still have a bit of color. The bright blue ones here work well with the matching couch and serve to balance out the orange chairs.


Of course, we love the concept of changing out window treatments, but there are so many other minor changes you can make to improve your house. What are your budget-friendly recommendations for updating or upgrading your home?

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