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How to Promote Your YouTube Channel on TikTok

TikTok is not only a popular social media for sharing short funny videos. It is a powerful platform for promoting brands and content from other social media. It has over 1 billion monthly active users watching videos about 24 hours per month. It sounds impressive and justifies the point why TikTok is one of the elements of the YouTube channel’s success

In this article, you will find tips on how to use TikTok for your YouTube channel promotion and success. 

When starting a YouTube channel people have no idea what are creative solutions for making their channel popular.

Benefits of Promoting Your YouTube channel on TikTok

Once you see the TikTok statistics, you understand why it’s a good platform for the promotion of anything. It is a fast-growing platform with millions of users of different ages and backgrounds. Your content will definitely find the target audience and help you achieve the goal. Let’s find what are other advantages of publishing short, entertaining videos on TikTok:

  • Your video can easily go viral and engage a large audience. 
  • You can create amazing content and share it across other social media.
  • People can use hashtags such as #ViralTimeZone to start or participate in challenges and make their content popular.
  • TikTok users can create Duet and Stitch videos to increase their reach. 

5 Easy Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel via TikTok

Here you will discover five creative ideas to make your YouTube channel popular using TikTok. 

#1 Add a Link to Your Channel to TikTok 

The first thing you have to do is include a link to your YouTube channel on your TikTok profile. Open your profile page, choose the editing option, and click on “Add YouTube to your profile”. Now users will see the link to your channel on your page. But there is also another option to keep a YouTube link. You can make it a part of a TikTok video description. It helps people to watch your YouTube content directly and subscribe. 

#2 Create Short Clips

The best way to engage viewers is to create the content they expect to see on the platform – short videos lasting from 10 to 20 seconds. You can make them from your YouTube videos. Thus the audience will get acquainted with your content and get encouraged to explore more. So if you record streaming video, make clips from your recordings. Edit videos creatively, upload 4K videos on TikTok without losing quality, and get thousands of views. 

#3 Create Entertaining Content 

You will get many views and expand your audience by posting fun videos. Encourage your subscribers to interact with your content, comment on videos, like them, share, and generate related content. You can follow TikTok trends or try to launch your own. Just do not be afraid to experiment and be yourself. 

#4 Be Consistent

Schedule video posting to make the audience stay connected. People will exped your regular updates and subscribe not to miss engaging content. You will seem an active user with quality videos, and it’s a good sign that your YouTube channel is worth visiting. 

#5 Include a Call to Action

You should place a CTA at the end of your videos to encourage viewers to visit your channel. It’d be great to make a video incomplete and ask people to continue watching a full video on your YouTube channel. Generate your content wisely and give people reasons to follow your channel. 


There are many other ways your TikTok account can be a useful tool for your YouTube channel’s popularity. We hope that these ideas will help you to get followers on TikTok and achieve success. 

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