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How You Can Upgrade the Outside of Your Commercial Premises

When we think about business renovation projects, we understandably tend to focus most of our attention on the interior. After all, that’s normally where the staff and customers spend most of their time. However, in many ways, the exterior of your property is just as important. It can be how potential clients get their first impression of your business or make the difference between someone deciding to come in and browse your products or not. So, if you have been considering upgrading the outside of your commercial property but are not quite sure what to put your budget towards, here are four suggestions to get you inspired:

1. Have your roof replaced

This is one of the larger jobs that you can have done to your property, and as such, can genuinely transform the way that it looks. A professional company such as Lidoran Roofing can restore or repair your existing roof or alternatively replace it completely if necessary. As well as improving the look of your building, this can also be a good opportunity to improve the insulation you have – thus making your property more energy-efficient and reducing the cost of your utility bills. Depending on the layout of your premises, you could even have a few skylights put in to get more natural light to the interior.

2. Install new windows

There are many reasons why having new windows put in can be a boost to your commercial property. Firstly, it’s a good opportunity to improve the soundproofing and insulation of your building, thus making it a more pleasant environment for staff to work in and also reducing your utility bills and carbon footprint. Secondly, it can completely change the look of your premises. There are a huge variety of window styles out there to choose from in terms of material, color, shape, and so on, which gives you the chance to find a design that genuinely suits your company.

3. Put in new doors

This is a relatively simple option but can still make a big difference to your premises. It’s also a good way to boost your security – especially if your current doors are old – because you can choose a style that’s made from sturdy materials and has a more secure locking mechanism. If appropriate, you could also look into swipe card entry or similar systems. On the other hand, if you own a shop, café, or other business that customers visit in person, you can take the opportunity to design a truly welcoming entryway.

4. Landscape your outdoor space

This option very much depends on what kind of building you have and where it’s located. However, if you do own some sort of outdoor space, then having it professionally landscaped can do wonders for the visual appeal of your premises. Consider an outside seating area for staff or customers if appropriate, perhaps with a water fountain or other pleasant features. Alternatively, if your premises open straight onto the street, then even just a fresh coat of paint or some window boxes bursting with brightly colored flowers can be a great way to cheer up the exterior.

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