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Information about Automated webinar

Automated webinars are those that perform on automatic. They can be planned by the webinar’s host, and they can begin and end without further interaction.

Automated webinars can be automated in some cases. They mimic live events without the need for a host. This is accomplished by controlling the start and end times of the webinars, as well as the timing of video playback during the webinars.

Live webinars also can derive from automation. They stand in for planned actions that always begin simultaneously. Starting and finishing a webinar, as well as transferring to a different website following the webinar, are all examples of this.

Actions that can be automated during a webinar

Automation parameters should be set by the webinar’s developer for all automated webinars. The moment at which the automation will take place during the webinar is determined by the automation rules. Depending on the specifications of the platform being used, the following are some examples of webinar tasks that can be automated:

  • Begin the webinar and end it
  • Show a video
  • Refer to a certain page
  • Send a survey
  • Show a slide show
  • Make a call to action.

Begin the webinar

The beginning webinar automation will initiate the webinar at the specified timings. The webinars will start automatically, with no more action needed from the webinar’s organizers.

Come to an end of the webinar

The ending of webinar automation will permit the webinar to conclude without the need for any further intervention from the organizers.

Show a video

During the webinar, the “show a video” automation will play a video or any other type of content. During one webinar, many platforms will permit you to play multiple videos.

Refer to a certain page

After the webinar, page refer will lead the audience to a certain URL. The most common application of a page redirect is for sales demos. Sales reps can set up redirection at the end of automated webinars that take viewers to a pricing page or even a discount. In addition, audiences can be guided to useful information such as web books or multimedia. To assess students, academic institutions can use automatic page redirects.

Send a survey

Throughout the webinar, polls can be sent out to gauge the audience’s opinion on various issues. Polls are an effective approach to engage people, and the data gathered can be used later.

Show a slide show

This automation, similar to playing a video, gives the audience a presentation after a trigger is triggered. Some software even predicts when a presentation’s slides will change.

Send a call to action

Participants are encouraged to respond using CTAs or Call To Actions. They can be set up to happen automatically during a webinar at critical decision points. A “Buy it now” CTA can be set to show for participants whenever a webinar organizer reveals the pricing of their service or product.

How to Use an Automated Webinar to Your Benefits

If you intend to create your automated webinar, follow these steps:

  • To begin, record a live webinar and ensure that it converts at minimum 5-15 percent of the time, based on the pricing point. Make the point of recording each live event. When you automate it, you can re-use the recording.
  • Create your webinar date-independent. Make sure your mailing lists, landing pages, and other advertising materials aren’t date-sensitive as well. This makes your webinar everlasting, allowing you to watch it over and over again.
  • Discussing modern pop culture trends is not a good idea. This may appear to be a terrific method to pique your audience’s interest, but it will date your webinar.
  • Ensure that your webinar includes a chat feature. Although you should inform your audience that your webinar is automated, having a person available to answer queries provides value.
  • Add up the number of people who have watched your video and display it. People will feel less alone when watching your pre-recorded webinar this way. WebinarJam, the everlasting webinar solution, allows you to achieve this.
  • Remove any advertising, including the YouTube mark, from the movie’s edge (I made this mistake when we first attempted to set up an automated webinar). This prevents your visitors from becoming intrigued and clicking on the logo, causing them to leave your website.
  • Furthermore, this branding may appear to be low-cost. Wistia is a fantastic tool for showing and analyzing your films in your unique style.
  • Make it clear whether or not your webinar is pre-recorded. Let your audience know whether parts of it are live and only a few minutes are pre-recorded. They will value your openness, and it will benefit your brand in the long run.

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