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How to Introduce Yourself Before Making a Presentation

How to Introduce Yourself Before Making a Presentation. Although much is needed to prepare an introduction, little attention is given to preparing the introduction.

Great mistake! The introduction sets the stage for the presentation; it is like the act of opening. Also, less stellar openings can disrupt all production. Likewise, this article suggests different strategies for kicking your introduction with a note. In any case, you will breathe life into the introduction.

5 tips to Introduce Yourself Before Making a Presentation

#1 Let someone else introduce you

As you can imagine, this tip doesn’t sound new. The presenter is always introduced by someone else. Here is the twist. Hire a regular presenter. Someone who knows will bring a lot of energy. For example, I remember talking about my nephew’s graduation; when he saw me walking towards the podium, his excitement led him to start telling the audience about me (it was a kindergarten course). Although his intervention was unexpected, it warmed the crowd – adding a nice touch. Moreover, what he knew surprised me.

#2 Use the media

Thank God for the technology! Allows you to move things up. With that in mind, why not use it to start your presentation right away? A short video presentation with drawings, color, images, music, and a short narrative will surprise any audience; The video introduction responds to who I am? Just make sure your presentation is empowering.

#3 Revive your history

The information used for the introduction basically comes from your history. As a result, many are learning the same way. This is what I am. Here’s what I did. It was there that I received training/education. It’s boring! Change sections of your history to include topics such as: Why I do what I do, what motivates me, my biggest fears, my favorite rating and/or text, my worst experience, or how I hope to be remembered. You get the idea. Avoid saying the same terrible things as other speakers. Let the audience connect with you personally – not titles, degrees, and accolades.

#4 Connect the audience

Unlike previous recommendations, this tip is bold and dangerous. For the most part, the speaker shared the challenges of his background. Change it; Ask the audience to tell you what they know about you. Or, just ask the audience what they would like to know. This strategy engages the audience, removes the rejuvenation of old knowledge, and builds relationships.

#5 Have a miracle

Drama has its place. With that said, turn your introduction into a cinema product. This tip comes with respect to the NBA, especially the Chicago Bulls. It was the first group to introduce the players with a light show accompanied by the enthusiastic voice of the publisher. Similarly, your publisher does not need to be seen – only heard. With lights, music, and voice, you create a certain mystique.

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