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Steel Casting Suppliers

So, you have come across the fact that you can get a lot of benefits from steel casting suppliers if your field is related to their application. 

In that case, don’t even think of making the mistake of just going to the closest steel casting factory and asking them for assistance or partnership. That would be an insanely bad decision!

Well, yes, you can go there for research purposes, but the right way to jump into the industry as a newbie is to know about the best fish in the business.

So, in this article, we’ll be discussing top steel casting suppliers from around the world along with some other useful information you need to know.

Who are Steel Casting Suppliers?

Before leaping towards the main discussion, it’s extremely important to know who exactly steel casting suppliers are. 

Steel casting supplier, company, or manufacturer! 

You can call them anything you want as they all three are literally the same thing. In general, steel casting suppliers are also manufacturers of steel castings. (They also supply them to different businesses)

Industries like aerospace, food processing, electronics etc. require this product to shape different types of metals.

The interesting thing is that these manufacturers use distinct casting production processes. The more process options a supplier is giving, the better supplier it is. Some of the famous processes are:

  • Sand casting 
  • Heat treatment 
  • Investment casting 

Top 5 Steel Casting Suppliers Barren Industries

Just like many other big names of the industry, Barren Industries is also a custom manufacturer of steel casting. Since 1984, they have been serving people with high-quality stuff from Oxford, Mississippi, US. If you can, please visit them so that you can also become a fan of their production.

Dawang Casting

After the US, let’s fly to China because this amazing casting manufacturer has been one of the giants of the world since 1950s. They are special because they produce steel castings through 6 different methods. From stainless steel castings to iron castings, Dawang has everything you would want.

General Kinematics Corporation

This company with fancy name decided to jump into American market in 1960s. They are quite famous but the thing is that businesses are trusting them for their specific products like investment castings and die castings.

Reliance Foundry

This famous UK-based brand is also on the list that started from a small region of England (Surrey), but it’s now among the biggest suppliers. 

Dongying Giayoung Precision Metal

Another monster from China is on the list that’s not just famous for its products but also for its huge plant of 80 thousand m2. If you can travel there, you need to see that thing.

Note: This is not a list from best to worst or worst to best. They all are same in our eyes!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Steel Casting Supplier

Even after knowing the big names of steel casting industry, you must be confused because it is almost impossible to choose one of them. (Because they are all good. Aren’t they?)

That’s why we are here with some things you need to take care of when assessing a steel casting supplier to make sure you are making deal with the right agency or company.


Experience doesn’t always tell whether your journey with someone is going to be good. But always remember that the more experience a supplier has, the better chances of quality you have.

An experienced supplier knows how things work in the industry. He’ll never want to ruin its reputation in the market only because of one order. (Read it again!)


Everyone will say his product is high-quality, but how will you know whether it is or not?

Yes, you first have to research how to test if a steel casting is of good quality. After completing your homework, ask your potential supplier for a test in which you can check if the product is up to the mark or not.


There should be no compromise on quality but that does never mean that you should spend an immense amount of money for quality. Always find a supplier that sells quality products at (at least) competitive rates.


If you don’t have time to examine quality of product or do homework, you can JUDGE any steel casting supplier by looking at their certificates (maybe online). 

Do they have certificates?

Are their certificates legitimate?

Did they get them from high authorities?

Final Words

So, this wasn’t just a list of top steel casting suppliers, but also a quite comprehensive guide to make sure that you become partner of the right steel casting supplier.

If you still can’t decide between best steel casting suppliers (even after considering the things we mentioned earlier), you can ask for extra service and factory tour. It’ll help you assess options even better.

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