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Top chapters in NCERT Hindi class 8 & Important Tips

Hindi is referred to as the easiest and scoring subject when it comes to achieving high grades in class 8. Many students find it cherry on the cake to add scores from Hindi subjects, to sum up, their total percentage for class 8. Students find it way easier to score well in Hindi subjects as it is spoken in most parts of India, and many of the students are very familiar with it since their childhood. 

The Hindi course curriculum for class 8 is divided into two main parts- the literature part and the grammar part. The simplest part to add to your score is the literature part where you get many stories and poems to read and understand. You will get questions related to these stories and chapters in your exam. You must just understand the chapter in-depth and practice their questions as much as you can, and you are ready with the first part. 

The trickiest part of the Hindi subject is the grammar. Grammar plays an important role in any language. If you know the grammar of any language well, whether it be Hindi or English, you can master that language easily. It will be a cup of tea for you to solve and give answers to any question you come across at any time of your exam. So, Hindi grammar is essential as it helps you know the language properly. Second, the ability to frame answers attractively can eventually help you score high marks in the exam. 

The course curriculum for class 8 Hindi is structured according to the CBSE guidelines, and you will have an NCERT book for Class 8 Hindi literature. This book is named “Vasant” in which you will have several chapters to read and understand well in the class. These chapters will help you to gain knowledge about the history of the country. How the freedom fighters fought and martyred themselves to give you the freedom you enjoy today joyfully. 

NCERT Hindi Class 8 Vasant textbook will help you go through the chapters in a simple language, so it is easy for you to understand each concept and literal meaning behind each story very well. Here is the list of chapters you will get in the Class 8 NCERT Hindi Vasant textbook:


Chapter 1 Dhwani Chapter 2 Lakh ki Chudiyan
Chapter 3 Bus ki Yatra Chapter 4 Deewanon ki Hasti
Chapter 5 Chitthiyon ki Anokhi Duniya  Chapter 6 Bhagwan Ke Dakiye
Chapter 7 Kya Nirash Hua Jaye Chapter 8 Yeh Sabse Kathin Samay Nahi
Chapter 9 Kabir ki Sakhiyan Chapter 10 Kaamchor
Chapter 11 Jab Cinema Ne Bolna Sikha  Chapter 12 Sudama Charitra
Chapter 13 Jaha Pahiya Hai Chapter 14 Akbari Lota
Chapter 15 Surdas ke Pad Chapter 16 Pani ki Kahani
Chapter 17 Baaj Aur Saanp Chapter 18 Topi


These chapters will help you to score good marks if you understand them carefully. Their NCERT questions are also available online through which you can take an idea to format your answers in a way that it has all the necessary information in a crisp format. This formatting is very important when you want to achieve high grades in exams. Not only for Hindi subjects but also for other subjects. This understanding will always help you be on the profitable side. 

After knowing all the chapters, you will come across the next vital thing you should know, which is the preparations for your exam. Preparation time is the most crucial time to meet your goal. If you are prepared well for your exam, no one can stop you to top the subject. If the efforts are put in the right direction, it can show you the passage to success. With this thought, we have listed some of the essential tips you keep in mind while preparing for your exam:

  • Always make a schedule for yourself.

Scheduling your day in the morning and setting your goals for the day is the most important thing to work on to achieve them. If you schedule your day before the start of that day, you will keep yourself well organized to perform each activity with equal dedication and energy. 

  • Do not stress yourself.

Many students make the mistake of scheduling very stressful days for weeks and end up in chaos and stress of how to meet the goals that are ahead in the journey of preparation. If you put all your energy in one go and do not rest enough to allow your body to restore that energy, you will end up getting stress in your mind. 

  • Have a healthy diet.

Food plays a very important role in providing you with vital nutrients needed by your body as well as your brain to function properly. It helps you to give the energy to put your 100% effort into your studies and preparation. By eating a healthy nutrient-rich diet, you are helping your body to work effectively. If your body will perform its tasks, only then you can achieve your goals set for getting high marks in the exam.

  • Go for previous year’s questions papers.

Every year there is a pattern repeated to prepare the question papers. You will get one or two questions from the previous year’s question papers for sure in your exam. Every year some of the essential questions are repeated in the exam that you should know to practice them well.

  • Practice as much as you can.

Practising is the key to mastering anything. The more you practice, the more you will get in the habit of solving various questions. When you practice many questions of different types, you will get familiar with all the kinds of questions you may get in your exam. It helps you to increase your writing speed and thinking ability. 

Hindi is a scoring subject if you practice well for it. In Hindi, it is all about writing and completing your exam paper on time with your formatted responses. Consider these key points and practice well for your exam. You can score well while putting your efforts in the right direction.

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