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Top fun indoor activities to Keep Your Kids Engaged Indoors

Some of the best ways to get kids to have fun indoors are by doing activities that are on their level. Kids like playing with blocks and building structures. This can be done by building a tower block using various-sized blocks, or taking a trip to the local construction site, where they can build sand castles and dig for treasure in between exploring new things. Below are some fun indoor activities for kids to keep them engaged.

Top fun indoor activities for kids

1. Hide and seek.

Hide and seek is a game where one player hides and the other players look for him. The one who finds the hiding player then takes his place while he becomes the seeker. This keeps kids engaged because they will be looking for their friends or siblings.

2. Musical chairs.

Musical chairs is a game where each player takes a chair and the music starts playing. When the music stops, whoever is left without a chair is out. Usually, the loser will be someone very close to winning and then they try harder next time.

3. Puppets.

One of the most popular games for children is puppets because it gives them an opportunity to think of something and then act it out in front of friends which is something all kids love to do. The better they are at doing it, the happier they are because they become more comfortable with doing things in public which improves their confidence as well as makes them more social with other kids.

4. Indoor basketball.

Basketball is a great game for kids, but it is usually played outdoors. Bringing it indoors will allow your children to play with their friends without having to worry about playing outside in the dark and getting hurt. This also gives them an opportunity to practice dribbling and shooting without having to leave the comfort of their home.

5. Bubbles

Bubbles are fun for kids to play with because they can chase them and pop them at the same time. For a game of bubbles, all you need is a container of bubbles, so that your children don’t have to worry about leaving the house and coming back later to get more bubbles.

6. Indoor soccer.

Indoor soccer can be played in small areas such as your living room or in parks that may not have enough space for an actual soccer field, but will allow your kids to play their favorite sport indoors and protect themselves if they fall down by having soft ground.

7. Treasure hunt.

Treasure hunts are an activity that many parents do with their children, usually while they are on vacation. However, you can do the same thing at home by hiding small toys or candy in your house and having them find them. Even if they find the treasure, you can still have a treasure hunt for another day or do it again with a different set of items. This will keep your kid engaged and entertained for hours!


These are some of the most entertaining and fun indoor activities for kids to keep your kids occupied while indoors. If you want to make this even easier, try buying a few toys for them so that they have something to do. Toys like mini trampolines for young children, or a basketball hoop will help improve their motor skills, and hand-eye coordination, and having toys that they can play with when you are busy doing other things will help prevent them from misbehaving.

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