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Choosing the right MBA college in Singapore

In a large number of Singapore companies, especially large companies, the educational qualifications of the employee are also considered while giving a promotion or deciding the compensation. Employees with a basic graduate or professional degree often find it difficult to get a management job. Hence many professionals especially working professionals are interested in studying for a master’s in business administration (MBA). There are a large number of colleges offering MBA degrees and some of the main considerations when choosing a college to learn  MBA degree in Singapore are discussed for reference.


Many students prefer to study in the United Kingdom or United states colleges because the quality of the MBA education is considered better. It is also easier for a student who has studied in these colleges to get a job in top companies. However, many of these students cannot afford to study in UK, and US colleges because the course fees and living expenses are very high. Hence while studying in Singapore, it is better to check the tie-ups of the college with reputed universities in UK and USA. The tie-ups will ensure that the course content is relevant and regularly updated so that the students are better trained.


usually, the MBA colleges are ranked based on several factors like the course content, quality of faculty, facilities available, student placement, and salaries of the students who are placed. Often these rankings are published in the mainstream media or educational websites and are often an accurate indication of the career prospects of the MBA student. There is more competition for admission to the top-ranked MBA colleges, so depending on the academic record of the student and the fees he can afford to pay, he should opt to get admission to a top-ranked college

Course content

The course content for MBA at a college will vary and many colleges are offering specialized MBA courses focusing on finance, marketing, healthcare, and tourism instead of the generic MBA degree. Many of the students interested in getting an MBA degree already have experience in a specific field like marketing, software, healthcare, or manufacturing. So they would like to do an MBA in that specific field so that it is easier to get a management job in their field of specialization. Hence depending on the experience and qualification, the student should check the course content and choose the right MBA course. The qualification and experience of the faculty should also be considered.

Course fees and placement

In addition to paying the MBA college and the course fees, students who study for the MBA should also consider the opportunity cost of doing the MBA. In the case of a full-time MBA, they cannot do their job, so they do not get a salary. While they can do a part-time MBA, whose fees are lower, and still continue with their job, they should be aware that the job opportunities for part-time degree holders are less. The student should also review the placement history of the MBA student from the different colleges, the companies that recruited the MBA graduates, and the salaries which were paid to these students.

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