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What is virtual phone number for SMS verification

Most web services and applications require users who want to create an account to verify their phone number. However, many users are hesitant to provide their phone number because they are not sure whether the service can be trusted.

Also, giving out your phone number can compromise your privacy and may lead to spam in the form of text messages and phone calls to your personal number. To solve these problems, you can start using virtual phone number, so that you don’t have to provide your main phone number when using web services and applications.

Currently, there are hundreds of virtual phone number providers that can be used to receive SMS messages and verify accounts. But below, we will discuss the best virtual phone number provider for SMS verification in 2022.

What is a virtual number for SMS verification?

A virtual phone number for SMS is a phone number that only exists on the internet and can be used to receive text messages. Such numbers are often used for mass registration of accounts in social networks, messengers or email services.

The main difference with the physical SIM card is the way the data is sent. Instead of sending notifications via a mobile connection like SMS or MMS, they are sent via the IP network. This means that you can choose without any restrictions in which country your virtual number will be set up, be it England, USA, China, Canada, India or any other. Because a virtual phone number is not tied to your location or device.

Virtual phone number advantages

  • Virtual phone numbers are an excellent option for those who want to buy a number that costs less than a real one.
  • Another advantage of virtual numbers is time economy. On the website SMS-man, the process of getting a virtual number takes a few minutes. It is especially convenient when one needs to create a lot of accounts.
  • A third reason why many people prefer virtual numbers is anonymity. Do you want to stay incognito and avoid publishing your data on the Internet? This is one of the major virtual phone number benefits.
  • The fourth reason why many people prefer virtual numbers is legitimacy: there are no limitations on temporary number purchases. When one uses such numbers for registration on certain services, their security systems does not pay any special attention to such accounts.

How to create a virtual phone number for SMS

Step 1: Access the home page of sms-man.com site, then go to “Sign up” section, where you can get a quick registration.

Step 2: Once you have registered, just go back to the home page to select the country of your virtual number you wish to obtain.

Step 3: You must then select the service from which you want to receive SMS with a verification code and click on the “Buy” button next to it. (You will never be able to purchase a virtual phone number if this step is skipped.)

Step 4: So, when you’ve already got your virtual number, enter it into the app, where you need to confirm the mobile number to register. (If there are any problems with this step, please contact support team so that they can help resolve them).

Step 5: Once the SMS is sent to your virtual number, you can retrieve it from sms-man.com by clicking on “Get SMS” button in your personal cabinet.

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