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What Works With AiDot?

The AiDot platform is an open platform where all your assistants, rooms, and devices can connect to create your own virtual universe. This allows you to mix and match devices, ideas, and rooms to create your ideal environment. The system supports many mainstream protocols, and it will continue to add more products in the future.

AiDot Cloud service

AiDot has recently launched an 18-month Cloud service package which offers 24 hour monitoring for your home, family, and pets. This package is equipped with advanced features including human detection, package detection, and vehicle tracking. The service also enables you to understand your pet’s habits and activity levels, and can help prevent your children from being exposed to dangerous zones.

With AiDot Cloud service, you can view and share recorded videos from anywhere at any time. The premium monitoring experience offers two-way audio, 24-hour live streaming, and professional protection around the clock. You can also add an indoor camera to your monitoring system. In addition, you will receive a substantial discount if you subscribe to the service for 18 months.


The AiDot APP is an application https://www.aidot.com/ that enables users to control and monitor their smart home devices. It allows users to manage multiple smart devices at once and set up custom scenes. It also lets users view energy consumption data from different smart home products. Works with AiDot, It works with smart lighting, cameras, solar panel products, and more.

The AiDot APP is cross-brand and cross-category, meaning that it will work with any AiDot-compatible product. Many popular smart machine manufacturers are part of the AiDot ecosystem. With just a single app, users can control and manage any product. This allows customers to build a more sustainable future.

AiDot Winees

AiDot has partnered with Linkind, OREiN and Winees to launch a Valentine’s Day campaign. Through the campaign, the brand will give away 5000 units of gifts. These gifts will range from smart cameras to table lamps and LED bulbs.

In addition to smart home devices, AiDot also offers a mobile application that enables users to control their lights and appliances. This feature lets them easily control multiple devices at a time and organize them however they want. They can create custom scenes to control their lights. They can also control the security cameras in their home and receive real-time alerts in case of an intrusion.

AiDot Music Rhythm feature

The AiDot Music Rhythm feature makes it possible for you to change the color and brightness of your lights to suit the mood of your room or the music you are listening to. The lights will change colors in time with the music, and there is no need to delay the effect. You can also adjust the brightness and color range to get the desired effect. The AiDot Music Rhythm lighting system is compatible with smart light bulbs and strip lights, so you can create a whole room music rhythm effect.

The AiDot ecosystem consists of many products from well-known smart machine manufacturers. This makes it easy for you to manage all your products through one app.

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