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How to Carefully Deal with Facebook Client Page

How to carefully deal with Facebook client page, I often hear by freelancers that the client gave us the page assess, and after some time we had a clash. When I deeply absorbed that why this is happening, I found that this is happening due to some unethical activities.

When you are doing freelancing job and you don’t care about some unethical activities. So in this article, we will talk about how many things that you need to care about when the client gave you access to the page. These are a huge list but we will focus on 5 things. Let’s take a look at these five things:

Clear Objectives

The first and important point is “Clear Objectives”, you must have clear objectives. You need to decide first what rights do you want on the client page. If your work is only advertising on the client page, then you just need to take advertising rights from the client page. Don’t take admin rights.

Client page is like a client’s home and he has privacy, keep in mind of this privacy when your objectives will be clear definitive your target will be clear.

Approved Content

The next important point is “Approved Content”, most of the freelancers ignore this or don’t take practice. Approved content means you need to approve content by the client before the publish. According to my personal practice, I already approved most of the content in advance by the client.

What is the benefit of this? When you do that you just need to publish, don’t need to worry about the approval, in this way you and your client will be happy.

Conversion Style

Every brand does differently discuss and interact with things, you should ask the client how they want to interact with customers. Some clients are formal; they discuss with customers very carefully. But some brands discuss with customers casually.

Often you will realize that you are working on different brands so you must wear different hats in different situations.

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Mix Up

I’ll explain “mix up” with an example, you have different brands and you’re tired of working, so you forget which page you had to post. Mistakenly you had posted on clothes making company instead of camera making company.

Always keep away from this type of practice. This is a huge mistake; the client doesn’t forgive or forget. You need to make different folders for saving separate content. Keep in mind before publishing that you are doing the right content on the right page.

Review History

Last point that you need to review history personally. When you get assess of the client page you need to check history that what types of activities have done before. In this way, you can get to know about the client and their marketing campaigns. If you feel that the client wants to continue these campaigns that are done in the past so you must be continued.


In this article, we talked that when you are managing the client page which things you need to care about. If you focus on these things, then you will be a successful digital marketer.

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