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Power of Digital Marketing and its Benefits

In this article, we will talk about the “power of digital marketing” that what is the power of digital marketing, and why are the companies getting restless at this time in using it?


First I give you a scenario in which you are an employee of XYZ company. You are doing sales jobs there. Suddenly, you get a task from your boss that the company that is opening the restaurant will make people like its food, and how much money pay people for this food?

You have three options that can help you find answers to boss questions.

  1. The first option is to invite four to five people to the market and get their feedback on the company’s restaurant.
  2. The second option, if you have a friend that is working in a restaurant and simply call him and get feedback on the upcoming company’s restaurant, that’s how our customer likes the food and how much he can pay to run our restaurant.
  3. The third one is you can go out of the office and get manually feedback to customers about the restaurant.

What is the correct answer to this scenario? At the end of this topic, I will tell you about this.

Let’s take a look at the statistics, according to Wikipedia there are about 7.4 billion people in the world in 2017, of which 3.4 billion are connected to the Internet, of which 2.7 billion people use social media daily.

But nowadays we are using mobile technology that Is the number of social media users on mobile the same? There are currently 4.9 billion mobile users in the world, of which 2.5 billion people use mobile technology for digital or social media. That was the scope, this is the size of the people who can become your potential or potential customer of the company.

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Power of Digital Marketing

What are the benefits of digital marketing in which we will judge the power of digital marketing?

Global Reach

Such a large world and so many people are connected to digital technology. So the company just needs one click to get your message across to you.

Personalized Marketing

This means that if I like a t-shirt and I’m watching a video on Facebook, so the company can select that I like T-shirts and show me what T-shirts should be added from which I will come to your website for purchasing.

Customer Engagement

Engage the customer, means If a customer is visiting a website or watching a video. How do you market and motivate or engage them to ask you questions? When the customer asks a question, there will create a strong connection and this connection will be converted into a strong relationship.

Content Variety

There was a time when the company had to do any ad show on TV, the company had to do production for it, that was the too difficult and lengthy procedure.

Nowadays, if the company wants to show ads, no need to do this old procedure. The company can also deliver 30 different content to the customer 30 days a month. So who gave the power of a variety of content, “Digital Marketing”.

Sales Conversion

Once you have done all steps then the next point comes “Sales”, the company can use digital technology for selling.

Cost Reduction

The biggest creator of all digital technology standby to me is the “Cost Reduction.” Companies that do their advertising through billboards have a separate cost. And if we compare it with digital technology, digital technology cost is minimal. It is the biggest advantage to use digital marketing or digital technology.

Now we come on the three questions that I gave you if your answer is one of these options so sorry you haven’t become a digital marketer yet. I will not use these options. Your answer should be that I will open my mobile or laptop and use Facebook or twitter or any digital media to get feedback from my customer.

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