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Actual Difference Between Technical SEO and On-Page SEO

Technical SEO and On-Page SEO are two separate concepts. In this article, we will talk about the difference between technical and On-page SEO. Most of you may not know this, most of you have only heard of on-page SEO and off-page SEO. If you don’t know how to do on-page SEO and off-page SEO read this “12 Basic SEO Tips For Beginners to Improve Website Ranking”. You will find many articles on on-page SEO and off-page SEO but today we will talk about technical SEO. let’s take a look at the difference between on-page SEO and technical SEO.

The Difference Between On-page SEO and Technical SEO

Technical SEO

At the website level, commonly referred to as technical SEO in which, have an XML sitemap in place, have a robot.txt file, implement HTTPS, ensure the website is mobile responsive, permalink structure, are included.

This is for the whole website. For example, if you are creating an XML site then it will be a count in technical SEO as it is the SEO of the whole site.

Further, any changes that take place at the website level or any way we optimize at the website level are called technical SEO.

When we make changes for search engine optimization that can affect our entire website. These changes are called technical SEO changes.

XML Sitemap & Robot.txt

You all know the level of XML sitemap; do we apply it to every page? No, XML sitemap we apply for the whole website so this is the actual part of “Technical SEO”. This work is a technical SEO process. Robot.txt is also a part of T-SEO and it also implements like an XML sitemap at the website level.

Implement HTTPS

The website must be on HTTPS, the redirection levels are from HTTP to HTTPS, all of these are at the website level. So this is including in technical SEO.

Mobile Responsiveness & Permalinks

If we want to SEO our website, then we have to check the mobile responsiveness of not just one page but the whole website. Checking mobile responsiveness is part of T-SEO. Permalinks structure is also part of this type of SEO.

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On-Page SEO

At the individual webpage commonly referred to as On-page SEO in which page titles/descriptions, keywords in H1 / keywords in content, image Alt text, internal links are included.

On-page SEO is for the single page or post/article in which these things are included. Further, any changes that take place at the single page level or any way we optimize at the individual level are called technical SEO. That is, changes that will be implemented on a particular page have nothing to do with the whole site. But many times we make changes that are at the level of the website. That is, if I make a single change, it will affect all the pages on the whole website.

When we make changes for search engine optimization that can affect our entire website. These changes are called technical SEO changes.

Pages Titles/Descriptions

The title and description for each page are different depending on the keywords of the page and the content of the page and which keyword we want to rank. Now here we are talking about the identity of an individual page and not the whole website. So this is the part of on-page SEO.

Keywords in H1 & Content

Keywords in H1 and keywords in content, when do we do these activities? While when we are doing on-page SEO. Alt text and internal links are also part of On-page SEO.

Schema Data

This is the single most important factor that can bring useful traffic to your website. If you don’t know about the schema markup, I will short an intro about the schema markup. Schema markup actually provides data to the search engine in an easy-to-understand format which makes it easy to know about your website or business such as name, address, content, Logo Design, business task, and nature of business.

Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo are promoting schema data considerably. In this case, if your site does not have schema data then your site rank may decrease. Therefore, schema data must be used.

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