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How to Increase Website Domain Authority (2021 Updated)

Do you know how to increase quickly domain and page authority of the website? In this article, we will completely guide the procedure that how to increase domain and page authority of the website.

We will talk about basic and important things that will help to increase domain and page authority. 8 factor that impacts on growing DA and PA of site.

All of these factors play a crucial role in increasing the page and domain authority of any website. If you’ve created a new website, you should know about all of these things first, what these factors are, and how they work.

Before I do all the discussion, let me give you a little guide on what is Domain Authority and Page Authority.

According to MOZ, the Page Authority basically is Score which the higher the page authority of any page has the more chance to rank in Google.  Page authority scores between 1 to 100. Domain authority is a ranking score that predicts how your website is ranking in (SERPs) search engine result pages.

8 Factors that Help to Improve Domain and Page Authority

Now the time is to discuss 8 factors that help to increase the Domain and Page authority.

Quality and Unique Content

Content is the king, yes is that right the quality and unique content is the king, it helps to rank any article. It is well-known that if your content is not unique and quality, then your article cannot rank in search engines. This article will help you if you do not know how to write unique and quality content: Quality and Unique Content: Cover all Related Questions.

Obviously, when your article is unique and quality-wise, your article will have more chances to rank a search engine, and at the same time, your domain authority and Page authority will increase.

If you are wondering why domain and page authority does not extend from duplicate content, the answer is simple, how can your domain and page authority grow if the content has already been ranked in search engines? It’s not possible.

That is why duplicate content does not affect increasing your domain authority and page authority.

On-page SEO

If you are an SEO expert, you will know about the On-page SEO. After the quality and unique content, the main and important factor is “On-page SEO”. On-page is also a vital factor for rank an article, you need to care about these things while doing on-page SEO.

  • Perfect title and description
  • Use perfect keywords
  • Use Internal and external links
  • Fix short permalink

Further, if you don’t know how to do On-page SEO then read about 12 Basic SEO Tips For Beginners to Improve Website Ranking.

If you want to increase site domain and page authority, you have to be good at doing on-page SEO.  If you don’t know that how to use the perfect heading in the article read this: How to Use Perfect Headings in the Article.

Internal & External Links

Inbound or internal links also have a vital role in the increasing of domain and page authority. You need to put inbound or internal links in each article. If you are used the Yoast SEO plugin, so it helps to make better on-page SEO. We recommend you that used this plugin for on-page SEO.

External links likewise help to increase page authority and domain authority; you need to add at least one external link while uploading an article or post.



I clearly mentioned in this article “12 Basic SEO Tips for Beginners to Improve Website Ranking” that the short URL is better than a long URL so here the short permalink helps to make better on-page SEO. You need to try to make a short URL for each post.

Now let’s talk about how on-page SEO help to increase the PA and DA of the site. On-page is defining content, when the article will be rank definitely will increase the domain and page authority.

Increase Quality Backlinks

If we talk about the quality backlinks, does your site has quality backlinks? Backlinks play a vital role in ranking any site, if your website has good quality backlinks then So the domain authority will increase very quickly.

Many people make the same mistake that they focus on the quantity of the backlinks, not the quality. If you want to create backlinks, remember to create backlinks only on these sites that have high domain and page authority.

When you create backlinks on these sites, you will get quality backlinks that will help to increase your site domain and page authority as well.

If you want to create quality backlinks read this article: Submit guest post: List of 200+ Sites for Guest Posts 2021. In this article, you will submit the guest post on these 200+ high DA sites and get high-quality backlinks.

Remove Bad Backlinks

Remove all bad backlinks in your site, all these bad backlinks prevent site domain authority from increasing. You have to remove all bad pages/Links on your site because these pages/Links have a bad impact on your site performance.

If you don’t know how to find bad backlinks and fix that read this article: How to check and fix broken links. This article will help you to remove or fix broken links on your site.

Broken links


Reduce website Spam score

Website spam score has also an impact on the DA and PA. You all know what is the website spam score and how it harmful for any website. Whenever the spam score of a website goes up, Its ranking decreases in Google. If your site is also a high spam score then do not take tension, just take an action and reduce the spam score.

But the question is that how I do reduce the spam score of a website, simple you need to take the step that is mentioned in this article: Actionable Steps to Reducing Website Spam Score in 2020. By doing these steps you will be able to reduce site spam score.

How does spam score prevent your website’s domain and page authority from increasing? When site spam score increases, it’s a bad impact on site performance and also an impact on DA and PA because MOZ sees your website as a spammy site.

The rise of the spam score has reduced the ranking of the website in Google, and at the same time, it has an impact on the domain and page authority of the site.

Is the Website Mobile-Friendly?

What does it mean? This means that if your website contains content or images, must be content is easily readable, links are easily opened. Sometimes, your content looks right on the desktop but not on mobile vision.

This is very important that site all pages should be mobile-friendly, you should design your website and page so that they are mobile-friendly.

Why Mobile-Friendly is Important for any website? There are some reasons that due to which the website must be mobile-friendly:

  • Most of people search on mobile than desktop
  • Mobile-friendliness is the ranking factor of a website
  • Google is the first to see mobile-friendly, If the page is not a mobile shank, it does not index it
  • If your website is not mobile free, then it impacts your domain authority

You don’t know that your site is mobile-friendly or not then go and check from Google Mobile-Friendly Test. If you want to make a website mobile-friendly this AMP plugin will help you make a better mobile-friendly site.

Share the website on social sites

Most people think that social sites don’t part of the increasing domain and page authority but they are wrong, nowadays the social site has an important role in the progress of websites.

But wait Google officially stated that the social websites are not part of the Google ranking algorithm, there is a perfect coloration between pages that rank high on social signs and Google.

Pages that are ranked on Google, they have many shares, likes, and tweets. You need to do for increasing the domain and page authority of the website; create a business page on Facebook and increase followers, you need to shares articles or posts on Facebook, tweeter and much more on social sites. Doing that will be increase DA and PA very quickly.

Site Age does matter

Increasing DA and PA in a short time is not possible, you have to patient. The domain age also matters in increasing DA and PA because MOZ takes time to evaluate these changes on the website.

If you don’t believe that size doesn’t matter for increasing domain and page authority, then you need to do analysis and research, see some websites have a high of DA & PA that are very old.

But here these above factors will help you to increase DA and PA quickly.


Don’t stop working on your site, keep it up, and don’t worry about your domain authority score. Google also states that the high domain authority score doesn’t matter on the ranking of the site, your site can rank at a low-level Domain score.

Recently, I saw a domain that has 4 PAs and 1 DA, you wouldn’t believe it was the first number on the first page of Google, so there is clear that DA doesn’t matter in Google ranking.

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