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What Should You Know About Border Collies?

If you’ve watched highlights of the Westminster dog show or stumbled across videos of hyper-athletic dogs, chances are that you know about border collies.

Border Collies are very popular dogs. They are intelligent, loyal, and would make great family companions. With that said, before adopting any dog, it’s important to learn as much as you can about the breed. That way, you have a general idea of what you can expect from your pet and how you can give them the best life possible.

That’s why we’re going over a couple of characteristics present in most Border Collies that you need to know about before adopting one for the family.

Border Collies Are Smart

Border Collies’ most prominent feature is their intelligence. The reason that these are a favorite breed for dog owners worldwide is the fact that they are very smart. So, they will be able to find their way out of tough situations, and training them is going to be very easy.

You can teach your Border Collie a variety of words and commands that they will remember and follow. Since they are working dogs, they have been bred to be as smart as possible so that shepherds won’t have a hard time training them to take care of their flocks.

So, if you have a Border Collie at home, you can expect it to be very easy to train them. With that said, even if they are smart, you still need to work to ensure that they understand and internalize their training.

They Are Expert Herding Dogs

A great way to understand a specific dog breed is to look at its origins. And originally, Border Collies were herding dogs. These animals were specifically bred to handle large flocks of sheep and control them.

This is one of the reasons these dogs are very intelligent. On top of that, they have a lot of energy. Running around to take care of a flock is undoubtedly tiring, which is why Border Collies are packed with energy.

While this isn’t bad, this is something you need to prepare for. If you don’t allow your Collie to use all that energy, they can get bored and unhappy at home.

On top of that, this could make them hyper at the wrong times, which isn’t something you want. Make sure to prepare the best dog food for Border Collies to fulfill that energy.

They Are TV & Movie Stars

So far, we’ve talked about two key qualities of Border Collies: intelligence and energy. That means they are easy to train and will be ready to work every day. This is why Border Collies are usually seen on screen as TV and movie stars.

Trainers find it very easy to train Border Collies for the camera. On top of that, these dogs are incredibly cute. So, they look great on camera, which is why they are a popular option when directors look for dogs to cast in a TV show or film.

Some memorable pieces that feature Border Collies include Wuthering Heights, Superman: The Movie, Babe, and John Wick.

They Are Great as Search & Rescue Dogs

Another popular job for Border Collies is as Search & Rescue dogs. Since these dogs have a different vantage point, they can find things humans won’t be able to see in normal circumstances. While they won’t be able to sniff out a person as well as a Bloodhound, they can definitely be a valuable member of a search and rescue team.

As mentioned earlier, Border Collies are smart working dogs. So, it should be no surprise that people also use them in teams that require a lot of discipline and precision.

Socialization Is Essential for Border Collies

If you own a Border Collie, then it’s very important to socialize them. Dogs are innately social animals, and this is especially true with Border Collies. However, if you don’t socialize them properly, they could get shy and aggressive towards other animals and humans, which can cause many problems.

So, after your dog receives all the vaccines they need, you might want to consider taking them out to the dog park or having doggie dates with other pet parents in the area. Not only will this make your dog very happy, but it will also train them with valuable life skills that will be important later on. Also, remember that socializing your dog doesn’t only mean meeting other dogs, but also getting them used to different people.


Raising a Border Collie is an unforgettable experience. Despite the ups and downs, most people report building extra special bonds with their Border Collies. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy, which is why it’s important to know as much as possible about Border Collies before adopting one.

So, now that you know about Border Collies and their characteristics, do you think it’s the right dog breed for you?

If so, you might want to head to your local dog shelter and adopt one yourself. And once you do, get ready for the adventure and friendship of a lifetime!

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