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Window Features: List of Windows 10 Hidden Features (2020)

Hidden features of Windows 10 to discover

Window Features: List of Windows 10 Hidden Features (2020). Do you know about the hidden features in window 10 (2020)? Here the list of window 10 hidden features

While there are functions to always use in Windows 10 that are more obvious and easier to find. Other useful and very specific functions remain hidden in the system settings.

Even those who are quite experienced may find surprises in this article of hidden functions of Windows 10. Especially because at each update Microsoft has added them without too much advertising (even if we always discover them on the web).

These are less obvious, more hidden functions of Windows 10, sometimes to be activated manually. This makes the Microsoft system increasingly different from its predecessors and increasingly convincing.


Screen Recording during games – Window Feature

Windows 10 includes a hidden feature to record the gameplay of video games on PC. When playing a game, if there is a supported video card on the PC, a screen recording bar appears.

We talked about this feature, much improved after the last updates, in the guide to the Game Bar in Windows 10 to record the screen.

Dynamic block – Window Feature

By activating the dynamic lock function, you can lock your PC automatically when you move away. There must be a Bluetooth connection on the PC to be associated with the phone.

To have your mobile phone recognized by Windows 10 via Bluetooth, go to Settings> Devices> Bluetooth.

Once the association has been made, go to Settings> Accounts> Login Options and activate the dynamic lock by turning on the option to allow Windows to lock the device automatically.

Connections on consumption and traffic limitation – Window Feature

Windows 10 agrees you not to view the data spent by you in the last 30 days and also to set a limit to the data traffic for a network set as a consumption connection. So as not to exceed the subscription thresholds.

To find out how, refer to the guide on how to use the consumer connection in Windows 10, when and why.

Eye protection at night – Window Feature

If you work at night, blue screen light emissions can annoy and even disturb sleep. The night light function of Windows 10 allows you to view warmer colors, tending to yellow, which tireless.

This function can be activated in (Settings System Screen). Where it is also possible to have it activated automatically at sunset or at the scheduled time.

Timed screenshots – Window Feature

Microsoft added the delay feature to the capture tool. Open the capture tool by looking for it in the Start menu.

And try pressing the Delay button to take a screenshot of the screen after 1 or 5 seconds.

In Windows 10 you can also take screenshots and save screen images in a special folder in Images directly by pressing the Windows + Stamp keys (function already included in Windows 8).

History of copy and paste – Window Feature

If you work writing on the computer this is the most appreciated function. Before this function was added to Windows 10 if you did Copy and paste a text twice, the second Copy overwrote the previous one, so to paste the copied text first you had to find it and press the Copy key again.

If you can recall the notes, however, you can have a history of the copy and paste to be able to use them at different times.

To use it, just press the Windows-V keys together, as explained in the guide on how to use the clipboard history in Windows 10 with synchronization between PCs.

Native Touchpad settings – Window Feature

If you are using a laptop PC, you can configure the touchpad behavior within the Windows 10 settings without having to use a specific manufacturer program.

The options are found from the Start menu in Settings -> Devices. You can therefore also disable the touchpad when a mouse is connected so as not to annoy the commands.

Scroll through the windows even if not selected – Window Feature

This in my opinion is an important improvement, so if you have two or three windows open on the screen, without clicking them.

All you have to do is mouse the window to be able to scroll with the wheel or with your fingers on the touchpad.

Better screen resizing – Window Hidden Feature

Windows 10 improves screen scaling compared. What it did in Windows 8.1 and allows you to set an independent DPI level for each connected screen.

This is convenient if you have a high-resolution device and another low-resolution external monitor, to give everyone the right sizing. These options are in Settings -> System -> Display.

For more configure ability, select the “advanced screen settings” and select “advanced resizing of text and other elements” and click on the blue link “Set a custom resizing level” in the old control panel.

Share nearby – Window Hidden Feature

Close sharing is one of the best features of Windows 10 that allows you to quickly transfer documents and images to other nearby PCs via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

We have seen how to use this function in the guide to connect PC in direct Wi-Fi to transfer files with sharing in the vicinity.


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