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Decorate your Home with Rattan

Wicker furniture is made out of an exotic material known as rattan. Some furniture is stabilized by wood, but rattan is always lightweight with no limit to the variations you get from tables and chairs to mirrors and laundry baskets. Most people think of rattan furniture for sun porches and outdoor use, but rattan has become sought after as stylish indoor furniture. Whether you’re looking at wicker wall décor or a complete lounge suite, rattan is a hot trend for decorating your home.

When you visit home décor shows, you get an idea of what is available in rattan and how fascinating wall decor can change the entire look of a room. You will quickly see that an appealing piece of wall art is made from rattan and how attractive the different pieces look against a wall.

You will likely see the fascinating starburst design that can decorate a wide variety of walls in your home. When visiting a home decor show, you will see how these décor pieces give a home a carefree, tropical feel. For example, just look at a beautiful rattan bamboo mirror – great for a bathroom- or living-room wall using bamboo artwork on frames.

Rattan furniture is eco-friendly

Even rattan wall hanging hooks can make for an attractive, functional, well décor item and can hang hats, keys, umbrellas or coats. These rattan items become talking points as skilled rattan artisans make many.

Botanically speaking, rattan is a different species of palms from Indonesia and Asia. Rattan furniture is always well made, sturdy and also eco-friendly. Rattan wall décor is great for entryways, bathrooms, living rooms or a child’s bedroom.

To choose rattan furniture, customers have to think about their furniture carefully and whether they want to use it indoors or out. Indoors, rattan furniture is ideal but its not suited for outdoors in the rain. I can become brittle.

Rattan can be woven into many shapes

Rattan is a natural, flexible material, and it can be woven into a wide variety of shapes and patterns. You can say that rattan is the primary material from which natural wicker products are made. It’s a vine-like plant that converts into a strong material.

The vines are cleaned, bleached, and processed into poles to make furniture and other smaller items. It’s a natural resource of Indonesia, and the people there are superb furniture makers. You will find beautiful rattan pieces in hotels, offices, restaurants and homes. Rattan tables with glass tops and dining sets with wall units are trendy.

Rattan chairs and sofas come with comfy cushions

You can even find daybeds complete with rattan dome to protect you from the summer sun. Whatever rattan furniture you want to decorate your home, it usually comes with attractive cushions, sometimes in water-resistant fabric, to still use the table outdoors.

The cushions are typically made with colorful cotton fabrics filled with foam and are extremely comfortable. The cool thing with rattan is that it can suit all décor styles, and decorators even paint rattan to give it a new, modern look. In addition, rattan furniture has advantages, and it is porous, just like wood, which means it is ideal for painting and sealing in different ways.

Some factors make rattan such an ideal décor item for the home, and you can choose from lots of cool designs. It’s a lightweight material too, and up until now, it has been generally less expensive than other furniture materials, though its popularity is sending its price up as well.

Rattan furniture makes a statement

The unique nature of rattan makes it a talking point in your room – a statement piece – even though it’s not extravagant décor. It is earthy, attractive, stylish and with a laidback style to it.

People realize the versatility of rattan and how it looks so fabulous for mirrors, lampshades, chairs and much more. Even after looking at the interior décor you have at home, there is still room for something made from rattan. Various rattan décor designs will range in terms of costs and quality, but there are many. There are so many exciting rattan furniture options that can fit in your home.

Rattan material and the wicker process go hand in hand to ensure that we have lots of super lightweight furniture with cushions to match every kind of décor style people have.

This is Robert William, the content contributor on blogili.com. Working with different sites as a content writer.

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