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Top and Best 14+ SEO Chrome Extensions in 2023 (updated)

Mentioned the top 15 SEO Chrome Extensions that are essential by doing website SEO. We will also learn what are SEO chrome extensions and how it works?

14+ Serviceable SEO Chrome Extensions list is mentioned below:

  • Mozbar
  • Similar web
  • Redirect Path
  • SEO Meta in 1 Click
  • BuzzSumo
  • Mangools
  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • PageSpeed Insights by Google
  • Wooranks
  • Amazon Keywords Tool
  • Click My Click
  • TubeBuddy
  • VidIQ Vision
  • Page Analytic.

More than two billion people are actively using Google Chrome. Several features make the Chrome browser very popular, but some Google Chrome plugins are some of the most useful features that make the Chrome browser different from other browsers.

Google Chrome plugins take up less space than computer programs, and you can update them more easily. If you are looking to boost your SEO strategy, there are several SEO extensions in Chrome that can help you track and see your progress.

You are well ahead of your competitors by knowing the best Chrome extensions for SEO and using them. Internet marketers should devote hours of their time every day to website optimization.

This will help you reach your desired goal in the shortest possible time. Best Chrome Extensions for SEO

When it comes to website optimization and optimization, browser extensions can help significantly. One of the most widely used browsers is the Chrome browser.

In this article, to help you find “Chrome extensions” in the crowded world of Chrome extensions, we have listed 12 of the most relevant SEO issues for analyzing your website.

Most are also compatible with Firefox and Safari. Chrome extensions give your ideas for improving your SEO strategy as you search and find that competitor analytics is useful information.

Some even can create visual profiles and colorful charts to make it easier for us to display and compare. And it’s easy to do our own review.

Chrome Extension for SEO

  1. Mozbar (SEO Chrome Extension)

Mozbar (SEO Chrome Extension)

The Moz website, which is one of the foremost providers in the SEO basin, has developed a plug-in for SEOs that helps them optimize. MozBar allows its users to check SEO in their browser with just one click.

MozBar provides metrics while viewing each webpage, allowing users to export SERPs to a CRV file and gain access to analytics.

The MozBar Premium update offers functions such as keyword problem analysis, page optimization, and SERP metrics. The information you provide is very valuable.

  1. Similar Web (SEO Chrome Extension)

Similar Web (SEO Chrome Extension)

By providing traffic and key metrics for each website, SimilarWeb is a popular extension that lets users search statistics and strategies for each website while browsing the web.

This extension is useful for those looking for new and effective SEO strategies, as well as for those interested in analyzing different trends in the market. This extension can help you with your browser.

  1. Redirect Path (SEO Chrome Extension)

Redirect Path (SEO Chrome Extension)

Redirect Path extension, by extending Redirect Path you can track your URL paths to what pages your pages are redirected to and make it easier to track the cause of your page’s error and troubleshoot them as one of the extensions that are very helpful to SEOs.

The URL structure is very important and you will get an error if you do not redirect it so it is recommended to install this plugin to find out the cause of errors 301, 302, 404.

  1. SEO Meta in 1 Click (SEO Chrome Extension)

SEO Meta in 1 Click (SEO Chrome Extension)

SEO Meta in 1 Click extension, SEO Meta in 1 Click Displays all meta tags and key SEO information for a single webpage in a single click.

This includes the length of titles and descriptions, URLs, headers in order, and the number of images without alt text. That can help you significantly and optimize your site pages for search engines.

  1. BuzzSumo (SEO Chrome Extension)

BuzzSumo (SEO Chrome Extension)

BuzzSumo extension, need SEO tracking for social media? This plugin lets you easily track top content on social media pages. Using BuzzSumo can help in future SEO decisions and check the links you provide to your pages.

  1. Mangools (SEO Chrome Extension)

Mangools (SEO Chrome Extension)

Mangools extension, Mangools SEO Extension is a powerful way to do quick SEO analysis, which can analyze your website and optimize the search engine.

  1. SEMrush (SEO Chrome Extension)

SEMrush (SEO Chrome Extension)

SEMrush extension, SEMrush presents itself as a dashboard and reports on domain performance as well as individual pages.

One of its main features is the SEO toolbox that allows its users to analyze backlinks and view keyword rankings. The program also offers SEO suggestions on the page, which fits well with the SEO strategy.

  1. Ahrefs (SEO Chrome Extension)

Ahrefs (SEO Chrome Extension)

Ahrefs extension, with its SEO toolbar in Chrome, reviews website features and offers keywords, links, and profiles that drive SEO progress on your website. Just click on it to get a detailed report on SEO results.

  1. PageSpeed ​​Insights by Google (SEO Chrome Extension)

PageSpeed ​​Insights by Google (SEO Chrome Extension)

PageSpeed ​​Insights by Google extension, PageSpeed ​​Insights is an SEO tool that provides information on desktop and mobile sites.

After performing an analysis, PageSpeed ​​Insights gives a score on the site and offers suggestions on how to run web pages faster.

  1. Woorank

Woorank (SEO Chrome Extension)

Woorank extension, Woorank is a site analytics tool similar to PageSpeed ​​Insights that lets users see suggestions for improvement on their web pages.

This report provides an in-depth report, social networks, and lets you see ways to improve your website’s SEO.

  1. Amazon Keyword Tool

Amazon Keyword Tool (SEO Chrome Extension)

Amazon keyword tool is a google chrome extension in which you can find the best keywords in the world. This extension does help when you are searching keywords for your post. Very useful extension for searching keywords. 10,000 plus users are used to this extension.

If you want to high powerful keywords for your post, that is awesome. We recommend this google chrome extension for keywords.

  1. Click My Links

Click My Links (SEO Chrome Extension)

Click my links is a useful Google extension which helps to check all links on your website. If you want to check links of your own site so this extension is best for you.

You can find valid and invalid links to your website. 100,000 plus users are using this extension for checking links.

  1. Tube Buddy (for YouTube)

Tube Buddy (SEO Chrome Extension for YouTube)

If you are YouTuber, then this extension will be helpful for you. Tube Buddy helps in the YouTube Channel SEO. The question arises that how to help this extension, so the answer is simple this extension will help in your YouTube channel grow. This extension helps in finding keywords for your channel.

  1. VidIQ Vision (for YouTube)

VidIQ Vision (SEO Chrome Extension for YouTube)

VidIQ Vision is also a Chrome extension that works like Tube Buddy. Most people use this extension for YouTube SEO. If you want to grow your YouTube channel quickly then this extension will be helpful for you.

  1. Page Analytic (SEO Chrome Extension)

Page Analytic (SEO Chrome Extension)

Page Analytic Google Chrome Extension is an awesome tool for understanding how your customers are relating to your website. This extension helps with showing page views, real-time active users, and much more.

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