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How to Optimize Website Landing Page (Easy Guide) 2021

How to Optimize Website Landing Page, every website owner wants to increase site traffic, and the website landing pages are an essential part of the website. This dam true that if you optimize your landing pages then definitely your traffic and conversion rate will be increased.

In this article, we will discuss the website landing pages that how to optimize them. But first, we will see what are the actual landing pages?

What are the Landing pages?

We can say the landing pages are those pages that someone visits or land your site from different sources such as Social sites, SEO, or referring sites. In other words, it’s just a page that we want to optimize for getting better feedback from visitors. In this way, we can better of these things such as subscribing, buying products, or clicking to other pages.

Of course, you can use different ways to increase traffic from making better landing pages but here our main focus will be on increasing conversion rate. Don’t avoid the importance of optimizing the landing pages.

Product Pages and Landing Pages

If you are running an online business such as an online store and you just offering some products, then your product pages will be landing pages. Let take an example, a video editing software company offers some software, this company product does not exactly call for a widespread product range. We can say this type of software helps in screen recording and video editing. That’s why these types of products all have product pages.

If you are running a wide online business in which you are offering different software (products) then your product pages and landing pages could very well be different. People will search for different products that actually they want.

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Emphasis to Improve Your Landing Pages

Especially important to focus on the landing page because you are selling products, offering services. This is essential you have only one point on focus, not in different things. If someone comes on your site landing pages because they are looking for the VSDC software or shoes that you are offering on your website.

You have to make a better and easy way to add the “Add to Cart” button in which users can easily purchase or find things that actually want. Your landing page for that product should focus on the ‘Add to Cart’ button, we also say that the call-to-action. Focus on location, color, and script of your “Add to Cart”.

Headlines of Your Landing Pages

Your landing page must be clear about your product because a user’s attention only 8 seconds after that they leave if they couldn’t understand that what actually is this. You have to tell or convince about your massage that you want to deliver.

Make you sure to optimize headlines, these should obviously interconnect the essential goal of your product. You should use headlines for your landing page that will help to attract your visitors “attention”. There is possible to mention a tagline that brings home the message of your headline. Writing good, effective headlines and taglines is a skill on its own, so you’d better test which ones work best.

Role of Images

Images have an important result in navigating your users from your landing page through your website. If you are selling some physical things or products, then the images on your landing pages can have a really huge impression. In this way, people can better know about the product that they are buying.

This is an outstanding way to increase people’s considerate of your product is by having images of people consuming your product on your landing page.

Safety Symbols and security

Safety symbols and security seal are those things that increase your visitors’ trust. These things prove that your landing pages are safe and secure. Of course, some safety things are more effective than others. Though, having a security sign works better than nothing.

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