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How to Write a Perfect Blog Post (Step by Step Guide)

How to Write a Perfect Blog Post, writing a successful blog post is the essential part of the site, one thing is 100% right about the writing a perfect blog post, it starts before you even begin writing: what do you think about this? You may want to know right now but remember writing takes some time. Once you have written a valuable blog post, you have to wait for promoting it, and also you have to keep the content up to date. Here we will discuss and cover all things that are included in write a successful blog post.

Before the starting discuss you need to understand this picture that is mentioned below, shown the three phases of an accurate writing process:

Write a blog

There are 5 essential steps you need to follow while writing a perfect blog post. The practical checklist is mentioned at the end of this blog post.


You have often heard that you need to prepare physically and mentally before starting work. Such as before the starting of writing a perfect blog post you need to prepare. Don’t start writing just yet, because first, it’s time to make that post! So you need to answer a few questions to start a blog, these answers will positively help you write a perfect blog. So let’s take a look at these questions that you should ask yourself:

What is the Basic Purpose of Your Post?

Before starting writing a blog you have to think about why you are writing and what you want to accomplish with this type of content. Articles can have different drives:

  • You can write to encourage people, you want to prove to them that buy your products or accept your ideas.
  • Your content purpose could be to amuse and charm people.
  • Maybe your content or blog (article) could be useful (informative).

Such as we discuss the different article (content) on your site can have different aims. Also many content (blogs) have multiple aims. An article might be helpful as well as enjoyable. In any situation, it’s vital to think about the aim of your content because it will give you a way to follow. That intends to encourage people must be written differently than the blog with an exclusively useful or entertaining function.

What is the Basic Message of Your Post?

You need to think about what you want users to know after they’ve read your text. We called this the message of your text.

To express your message, you could effort to express a question which your text should answer. We mention such a question as to the essential question of a text. Your content should give an answer to your question. Now make certain that your question is clear. You need to try the summarized answer in short sentences. This short answer is the message of your content.

We mostly add the message in the starting or intro of the article, this is a basic short description that helps to understand content for readers. Make sure your message or a short description is about the article.

What are your Readers?

When you started your website, you already assumed about the readers that what are your readers. It never pains to repeat yourself before writing your content. So, you need to think about the people you are writing for. Make sure your content is all about the reader’s expectations.

What info do you want?

In a few cases, you have all the information in your head about the content you want to write. You must take the fundamental question of your amity and come up with several sub-questions you want to answer. Try to find the all question answers by using different sources such as books, internet, and article, etc. This will help to create a great blog. After reading this article you might want some changes in the message of your content (article).

What’s the Best Way to Structure your Content?

The last and final step in the preparation practice is most vital. You need to choose how you’ll structure the info you want to transfer to your readers. If you don’t think about this earlier, chances are your content will lack a reasonable order and will be solid to follow for your spectators.

Start Writing your Blog Post

At this stage, you have all the basic information you need and a summary of the topics you want to debate in your blog content, this means you can start writing. Go ahead and start writing but don’t worry your text doesn’t have to be perfect yet, as you can manage things later on. Your tone and style should be according to structure such as you decided. So you don’t need to write a blog completely, you can search and get information then continue your writing.

Adjusting, Editing and Improving

After putting the content, you will need to the editing phase. Now you need to look carefully at your content and correct all grammar, weird sentences. If you’re not a skilled writer, you can use the “Grammarly” Google chrome extension for this purpose.

Improve your Post for the Search Engines

Improve your post for search engines is a big part of blog content. Such as it’s vital to check the spreading of your keywords, meta description, and the readability of your content. If you are an expert then you better know about the Yoast plugin that helps to improve these things. Check out our post “Tips For Website SEO Optimization”.

Remember Before Publishing

Before publishing your new content, there are a few more things you need to do.

Don’t forget to attach images

Images are most important for every post. So before the publishing content, you need to attach at least one quality image and your image should be optimized. This will be fine if you create images before writing the content, this is not essential, you can create, optimize images after the writing content.

Add Categories and Tags

Tags and categories improve your site blog structure, and you really need to think about how to use those. If you don’t know how to use headings, tags and categories so read this article: how to use perfect headings in the article. When you are creating your blog post, it’s easy to overlook to attach the right classifications. So you should be check before the publishing content.

Improve for Social Media

You can write a different description with the help of Yoast Plugin for Facebook and Twitter than for Google. People who search you through Facebook, often have a different joining with you than those who find you through Google. Make sure the description looks like that. You need to understand all these things that we have discussed in this heading.

After Publishing your Content

After publishing your blog content, you need to share on social media and other different platforms. This is not enough to just publish your content.

Share your Post on Social Platform

Social media are designed to keep their customers on their platforms, instead of clicking a website, your fans want to hear from you. Especially if you write for your social viewers, it’s vital to post your blog posts on these social media. You can use the WordPress plugin that helps to share posts on social media.

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Internal linking

Do you know about the importance of site structure? If you want to increase your post ranking, you should add internal links. It’s vital to link to your blog post, you can link while writing a blog post. After publishing, you need to check which contents (posts) could have a link to your new content and immediately attach those links.

Practical checklist

The checklist is mentioned below that helps to create a perfect blog post. You can download and take a print that will help you while preparing, writing, and editing your text. There are some empty checkboxes in which you can add some extra steps.



Writing informative and unique content is fun but it’s also a lot of work. You need to spend time creating your content, writing it, and even once it’s written. I hope this information will be helpful to you.

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